Effective carousel advertising on Facebook

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carousel advertising in social media

A carousel ad displays multiple images or videos in one post. This format enjoys unflagging popularity on Facebook and Instagram. Specialists argue that carousel ads arouse the interest of recipients, which translates into a higher conversion rate. Check why it is worth incorporating them into your marketing strategy!

Effective advertising in social media

Are you looking for a way to stand out from the competition? Carousel advertising comes to the rescue. There is evidence that this format can generate up to 10 times more traffic than traditional posts. The proposed advertisement will work in practically every industry. Research shows that in this case, cosmetics, apparel, fitness and retail brands benefit the most. 

You wonder how to promote a company on the Internet? First of all, you should encourage your customers to leave a comment after the purchase. Research shows that most people read reviews before opting for a product or service. Create a profile on Google My Business, and register on the Opineo or GoWork portal. 

Carousel advertising: how to use it?

This format allows you to increase brand awareness among the target group. Are you wondering how to present multiple products or services at the same time? Do you want to indicate the various advantages of your offer? Are you looking for a way to provide testimonials or reviews? In this case, carousel advertising will be perfect.

In order to post it to Facebook, you should first look into the Ad Manager and select a campaign target. Then define your target audience. As for the format, check the "Carousel" option. You can experiment with the pictures and text. Consider what carousel ad will attract users. 

Are you wondering how to appear in social media?

We will plan an effective advertising campaign!

In order to inspire customers' trust, it is worth taking care of branding. A well-planned strategy helps to stand out from the competition, which will translate into better sales results. Show that your brand is unique. Convince consumers that they should take advantage of your offer, not your competitors. 

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