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The first display ad appeared in 1994 and has come a long way since then. Not only has its appearance changed, but also the frequency with which Internet users see it. The latest statistics show that the average user views 63 image ads during the day. We advise you how to stand out from the competition!

What is a display ad?

 The said advertisement allows you to increase your product, service or brand among your target audience. In this case, companies use images, videos, text, and gifs to stand out on the web. Specialists play with the language, sizes, shapes and colors of banners to arouse the interest of potential customers. Display advertising appears not only on websites, but also in social media and mobile applications. If the user clicks on it, he or she will go to the advertiser's landing page.

How to plan an effective advertising campaign?

To advertising banners on the Internet brought the expected effect, you should take care of their attractive design. The aforementioned graphic elements must not be too bright, filled with text, or flashing. Otherwise, they only scare users away. 

Display advertising will be perfect for a remarketing campaign. In this case, it is displayed to users who have already visited the landing page. but they did not take advantage of the offer. Many brands publish it on the Google advertising network, thanks to which they reach a million people from all over the world. 

Display advertising allows you to create a strong interaction with the customer. Additionally, it encourages him to get involved by liking, commenting or sharing. It encourages users to rethink their purchasing decision, which translates into better sales results.

Are you wondering how to create a display ad?

We will analyze your target group and plan an effective campaign!

Currently internet advertising is perfectly suited to the target group, which gives impressive results. Behavioral marketing, which monitors the behavior of Internet users, plays an increasingly important role. Professional tools analyze searches, time spent on individual pages, as well as viewed products. Based on the collected information, the software creates a profile of a potential customer.

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