Why is a Google Ads Shopping campaign profitable?

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Today, in times of great competition, operating in the e-commerce industry is a real challenge. An entrepreneur who wants to function effectively on the Internet and generate high profits should ensure good visibility of his store on Google. Why is a Google Ads Shopping campaign profitable?

What is a Shopping campaign?

A Google Shopping campaign is a type of advertisement that can be enabled in the Google Ads advertising system. The system allows you to display ads for specific products from online stores at the top of Google search results. 

What do Shopping ads look like on Google Shopping?

Ads prepared as part of Google Shopping campaigns appear above the organic results or to the right of the organic results. Convenient placement of advertisements means that they immediately attract the attention of Internet users who are looking for specific products. 

Image advertising has an advantage over traditional text advertising because it exposes the elements that are most important to the potential customer. So a photo of the product, as well as the current price of the goods (interestingly, the price updates automatically).

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A product campaign in Google Ads is a guarantee of success

Product campaign in Google Ads is an effective, and at the same time easy to implement, way to increase traffic in the online store and raise conversion factor sales. To prepare a product campaign, you need to upload a product file to the Google Merchant Center, from which the system will download information for image advertising. 

Ads are displayed high in search results, which means that users are more likely to visit the website of promoted online stores. The link redirects the Internet user directly to the product card, which saves a lot of time for the buyer who does not have to browse many pages in search of a product that meets his requirements. 

Image ads in Google Shopping are more effective than classic text ads, which is due to their accessible form. The photo and price of the product are a kind of incentive to visit the online store and make a purchase. A potential customer, by clicking on the ad, lets them know that the price and appearance of the product encouraged them to read the rest of the offer. Whether or not he ultimately decides to buy depends only on product description. Therefore, the brand should ensure that the description is attractive and presents the benefits that the customer will receive when buying a given product. 

It's worth mentioning that Google doesn't charge for a Shopping campaign until a user clicks on it. The mere display does not generate any costs. The advertiser pays for the effect!

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