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Content is the king! Valuable, properly prepared content supports promotion, makes it easier to reach a wide range of customers, improves SEO and helps build a positive brand image. Writing texts for marketing purposes, public relations and other areas of the company's functioning is dealt with by a copywriter. What does the work of a copywriter look like? And where to look for it?

What does a copywriter do?

Copywiter is the author of advertising, marketing and other texts, creator of slogans, creator of the broadly understood meaning content marketing. This is the person responsible for creating texts for digital and traditional marketing, in accordance with the principles of correct Polish and according to the industry and customer guidelines.

The work of a copywriter includes:

  • creating content for press advertisements and writing scripts for TV and radio advertisements,
  • preparing content for websites and online stores - including product descriptions, category descriptions, texts for subpages, content for company blogs,
  • creating SEO back-end texts and optimizing pages for SEO,
  • running word of mouth marketing, e.g. on forums,
  • creating e-books, reports, guides,
  • writing texts for mailings and social media,
  • preparation of sponsored articles, press materials and PR messages.

The copywriter participates in the entire creation process, which means that he cooperates with marketing, SEO and other departments in the implementation of comprehensive activities related to promotion, advertising, e-commerce and other areas of business operations.

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A good copywriter, or what?

Many people think that to be a good copywriter all you need is the ability to use the language efficiently and the ease of putting your thoughts "on paper". Although the so-called a light pen is an important feature of a copywriter (after all, the word is his work tool), one cannot forget about a number of other competences that will allow him to create attractive, effective and substantive content.

A good copywriter has extensive knowledge of content marketing, PR and market mechanisms. He follows trends, knows what's hot - and if he doesn't, he can check it quickly. Good research is the basis of copywriters' work.

The best copywriters show above-average creativity. They can create content in such a way as to effectively arouse the interest of readers and thus achieve the set goals.

A good copywriter creates texts that are understandable, concise, and at the same time full of values, logical and free of any spelling, punctuation, stylistic and other errors.

In today's market, excellent knowledge of SEO and the ability to write texts in accordance with its principles are also of great importance.

The copywriter's work is incredibly interesting and inspiring. The copywriter has the opportunity to participate in many interesting projects and cooperate with the most popular brands. How to find employment in this position?

Copywriter work - where to look for it?

The copywriter can act as a freelancer and carry out orders for various companies and individual clients, or work in an editorial office, publishing house, enterprise from any industry or in advertising agency or marketing. each public relations agency also uses the services of copywriters.

You can look for a job for a copywriter:

  • on websites with offers for copywriters, i.e., or,
  • on popular advertising portals, such as or,
  • on groups with job offers on social media, e.g. on Facebook,
  • directly with employers, eg in the "Work", "Career" or "Join us" tabs on company websites.

Worth knowing:

Who is a copywriter?

A copywriter is the author of various types of texts and the creator of widely understood content. The texts he creates must comply with the client's guidelines and, of course, be linguistically and stylistically correct.

What are the qualities a good copywriter should have?

A good copywriter is creative and always knows what is currently on top - moreover, he can quickly find the necessary information. Content created by a good copywriter is able to attract interest and achieve the assumed goals.

Where to look for a job as a copywriter?

A copywriter can work for a specific PR agency or carry out orders from various companies. Copywriter jobs include: on websites dedicated to this area and on specially created groups in social media.

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