Personalization of advertisements on the Internet as an effective support for e-commerce

Online marketing

The Internet is a valuable marketing tool. Its great advantage is the possibility of personalizing messages, i.e. the chance to address ads only to a specific target group. What is ad personalization on the internet? And what are the benefits?

What is ad personalization on the internet?

Have you ever wondered why some brands generate huge ranges on the Internet and are very popular among consumers, while others find it hard to reach target audience? The key to success is personalization of ads. It consists in matching advertising messages to specific recipients. It is the creation of messages that respond to the specific needs of users. To prepare personalized ads, you need demographic characteristics and customer interests obtained on the basis of their activities on individual pages and information that they post on the Internet.

Personalized ads and Google's privacy policy

Google places great emphasis on the protection of the personal data of its users and their proper use. Information collected from Internet users may not include credit card numbers, bank accounts, transfers, ID cards, etc. In addition, Google does not allow the use of information about:

  • property status, 
  • position held,
  • location (unless the user agrees),
  • health, life failures, financial problems or difficult experiences,
  • sexual orientation, religion or race.

Failure to comply with Google's requirements has negative consequences for the advertiser - including ad rejection, domain or account suspension.

You don't know how to personalize your ads for your audience?

We will implement appropriate methods and tools!

What are the benefits of ad personalization?

Personalization of advertisements on the Internet is a relatively easy to implement, and at the same time a very effective form of marketing. Advertising reaches only a specific target group, and therefore has more value for the advertiser. Personalized messages are a way to save yourself in the minds of recipients, generate large ranges and lead them effective sales strategy and get satisfactory profits. 

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