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sales conversion

Generating a lot of traffic in an online store does not yet prove its success. Sales conversion is more important. What is it and how to measure it?

What will you learn from the article?

Did you know that conversion is one of the most important concepts in the e-commerce industry? If you run your own online business, understanding what sales conversion is, how to measure your website conversion rate, and how to improve your conversion rate can make a significant difference to the success of your business. In this article, we'll cover all of these topics, providing practical advice and examples to help you increase the efficiency of your business. Get ready to discover key strategies that will turn your website visitors into loyal customers!

Conversion - an important concept in the e-commerce industry

Conversion is a specific action taken on a website by users (potential customers) in response to the company's marketing activities. In other words - conversion occurs when an internet user performs a specific activity in the store. Conversion is activities that are planned by the seller (cannot be random), are clearly defined and are also measurable over time. Conversion may include subscribing to the newsletter, registering on the website, filling in the form, entering the key subpage of the website, as well as adding products to the basket. These are the so-called microconversions that are optional targets. A priority for each salesperson is macro conversion, that is, selling.

What is it sales conversion?

Sales conversion is the moment when an internet user buys a selected product. It is a kind of transforming the visitor to the website into a client. The measure of conversion is the so-called conversion rate. 

What is website conversion rate?

The conversion rate is a key parameter that allows you to assess the effectiveness of a website. Conversion rate analysis allows you to understand how many visits to the website result in a desired action, such as purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter or filling out a contact form. Increasing in-store conversions can be equally important, but online conversion measurement tools offer advanced analytical features that allow you to accurately track and optimize results. High sales conversion is the goal of every entrepreneur, so it is worth investing in strategies and technologies that support its growth.

How to calculate conversion rate?

The sales conversion rate shows the number of orders placed per page visit. This indicator is expressed as a percentage. The higher it is, the better. Mediocre conversion rate is from 2 to 5%. Every fourth company achieves an indicator above 5%, and every tenth - at the level of 10% and higher.

The conversion rate is a measure of the effectiveness of your online store. The result provides us with knowledge about the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and SEO activities. In addition, it is a way to determine the real profitability of the business. 

You do not know how to calculate the conversion rate and how to interpret it?

We can do it for you!

What is measuring conversions in Google Analytics?

Measuring conversions in Google Analytics is a key element of analyzing the effectiveness of marketing activities. Thanks to conversion measurement tools such as Google Analytics, we can accurately track how users respond to our advertising campaigns and what actions they take on the website. Conversion rate analysis allows you to identify which elements of your strategy work best and which require optimization.

Increasing conversions in a stationary store, as well as online, is possible by understanding and using this data. High sales conversion is the goal of every company, and Google Analytics provides the necessary tools and metrics to achieve it. Regularly analyzing your conversion rate and adapting your marketing strategy based on this data can significantly impact your company's success.

How to improve sales conversion?

E-commerce entrepreneurs should be interested in getting the highest possible sales conversion rate. So how to improve sales conversion?

  1. Optimize your online store content for SEO.
  2. Make the store attractive and fast.
  3. Prepare a coherent advertising campaign Google Adstailored to the target group.
  4. Act in social media.
  5. Simplify the purchasing process as much as possible.
  6. Take care of the security of the transaction. 
  7. Take advantage of recommendation marketing.
sales conversion
sales conversion
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