Another client from the renewable energy industry – CEDR Energo


We are pleased to announce that we have established cooperation with a renowned investment company from the renewable energy industry - CEDR Energo.

CEDR Energo is a company that focuses on investments in the modernization and construction of heat sources, electricity and heat transmission networks. Working with owners and operators of heat sources, the company is looking for partners to implement the most innovative and effective heat generation technologies. Their activities are always focused on the future, and ecology is a key element of each project.

The company puts emphasis on the optimization and efficiency of the use of chemical energy of fuels, while striving to achieve ecologically beneficial, clean and future-proof solutions for the production of electricity and heat.

Challenges for Commplace

Our team will be responsible, among others, for: for the design and implementation of a modern website, development communication strategy and PR activities, including media relations.

We are excited about the opportunity to cooperate with CEDR Energo and we can't wait to see the results of our cooperation. As an agency, we have extensive experience in the renewable energy industry, the results of which can be seen in the developed case studies:

– 26 million reach of press materials about the brand in one month

– Branding and website for the renewable energy industry

– Social media for the renewable energy industry using the employer branding strategy

We invite you to follow our news, where we will keep you updated on the progress in our cooperation with CEDR Energo.

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