What is a DSA campaign?

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Google allows you to create different types of ads to attract new customers. One of them is the DSA campaign, i.e. dynamic search ads. How to create them? And what are they characterized by?

What is a DSA campaign?

A DSA campaign, known as dynamic search ad, is one form of Google Ads and the easiest way to attract new customers. How? Thanks to many targeting options, as well as new statistics constantly added, which help to improve yours even more product campaign. They differ from traditional Google campaigns in one important feature: they use the actual website or product channel of your company, abandoning keywords.

The DSA campaign is based on the Google index, which reads data from your website, and then decides for what question the ad will be displayed and what product will be used for it, displaying a dynamically generated and matched ad to users. It is perfect for online stores that offer many products or for extensive service websites. It allows you to display very precise keywords, e.g. names of specific product models, without building keywords.

Knowing your Google campaign is essential!

We will help you, among others in the implementation of the DSA campaign

How is a DSA campaign different from others?

The most important difference, of course, is the keywords that your DSA campaign is not using. The keywords are automatically pulled from the website. If they match the search phrase entered by the user, the URL and the ad headline containing the phrase will be displayed. However, there are more differences. The displayed ad headline is created automatically by Google. The header information will be taken directly from our website or feed. The DSA campaign only requires or only to create an ad description.

The benefits of using dynamic ads

The DSA campaign, like any campaign, has both advantages and disadvantages. The positives include, among others, filling the gap in the coverage with keywords. Dynamic ads search your site, allowing them to appear on keywords that normally would not appear in Google Ads due to "low search volume".

Another advantage is the ease and simplicity of creating ads. Your only job is to come up with a custom description line and the header is created automatically. Dynamically generated advertising is an easy advertisement that can be implemented in one day and does not require large amounts of work. The DSA campaign is also a great complement to keyword based campaigns.

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