How to do good external PR?


How the company is perceived by the environment is of great importance for its development and functioning on the market. A company that enjoys a reputation has a better chance of maintaining a stable position in the industry and spectacular success in business. External PR therefore plays an important role in the image creation process. How to run it to see results?

What is external PR?

Of great importance public relations in running a business is known not from today. This area is consciously used by the largest brands, providing themselves with the right conditions to achieve their business goals. Sam Bill Gates, co-founder of the world-famous Microsoft corporation, once said that he would spend his last dollar on PR.

External PR is the company's communication activities directed outside its structures. The aim of these activities is to create a good image among potential customers, investors, business partners, the media and other target groups. External PR it is about maintaining positive relationships with recipients, as well as creating and supporting specific ideas and social goals. Why is PR so important in business?

Your recipe for success

As PR agency we fully agree with the statement that the external image is a key, intangible asset of the company. It is an important factor determining its ultimate success on the market. Extensive activities in the field of external public relations should be an integral part of managing any enterprise. 

External PR:

  • brings the company closer to customers,
  • controls the perceptions of the company in individual target groups,
  • allows the company to influence consumer decisions,
  • builds consumer awareness,
  • increases trust in the company and its products,
  • distinguishes the company from the competition,
  • supports management in an image crisis.

PR is a kind of promotion of the organization outside. It presents the company in a good light, creates a positive buzz around it and builds pleasant associations. External public relations activities can be carried out in several different ways. Among the most popular tools we can distinguish:

Act in public

A brand that wants to become famous in its environment must act publicly. First, however, it is worth performing a communication audit that will indicate the direction of these activities. A good way to improve the image is sponsorship, i.e. supporting various types of social and environmental initiatives, cultural and sports events and other actions important for a given target group or the general public. The company should participate in various events, conferences, special events and charity events, because such events are a great opportunity to meet the recipients face to face and strengthen ties.

A valuable tool in image creation is event PR, i.e. organization of image-building events, e.g. family picnics, festivities and open galas. In addition to its main goal, which is to improve the image, Event PR strengthens the competitive advantage on the market, supports the sale of specific products or services, and motivates the team of employees to work more efficiently. Colloquially speaking, employees responsible for company image can become its best ambassadors.

The media are your allies 

Media relations is one of the most important and most frequently used tools in image communication. It is a process of building and maintaining good, mutually beneficial relations with the media. Idea media relations is to shape the bonds in such a way that the company can reach its target groups through the mass media. 

The person responsible for contact with the media within the framework of external PR is the press spokesman. Its task is, among others giving interviews on behalf of the company and creating press releases regarding current business matters.

External PR on the Internet

Today's entrepreneurs in their own image campaigns can use social media. Social media is a valuable internet marketing tool that perfectly supports external PR. Through them you can: 

  • reach hundreds, thousands and even millions of recipients from all over the country and abroad,
  • build strong relationships with recipients,
  • to cultivate these relationships, 
  • shape the image by supporting important initiatives.

To fully use the potential of social media, you need to act systematically and with full commitment. What counts in social media is: regularity in creating content, attractiveness of content and the highest aesthetics. A company that wants to be saved in the minds of recipients and gain a good reputation must create valuable, interesting posts, corresponding to the preferences and tastes of the target group.

external PR examples? Nowadays, it is extremely important to conduct proper public relations. Broadly understood external PR is one of the most important activities that organizations can take to effectively communicate their values and products to the outside world.

Examples of good practice in this area include: social campaigns, events, happenings and charity activities. It is crucial to understand that customers, business partners and other recipients of company activities value honesty, transparency and open dialogue. Understanding the needs of the market and adjusting activities to customer expectations is the basis for effective external PR.

External PR on the labor market

External public relations also means creating a positive image of the company as an employer brand. We call this process employer branding external. Various tools and communication channels are used to build a favorable image on the labor market, e.g .:

  • participation in job fairs and competitions for employers,
  • creating attractive recruitment ads,
  • caring for good opinions on opinion-forming portals such as GoWork,
  • adequately responding to unfavorable comments from dissatisfied employees.

Big impact on employer branding the outside also has a working atmosphere. Therefore, every employer should first ensure the satisfaction and contentment of their employees. Fair treatment, good team relations and attractive employment conditions are of key importance.

Worth knowing:

What is external PR?

There are many definitions and theories that define what external PR is. In short, it can be said that it is a process of conducting activities aimed at building and maintaining a positive image of a company or organization outside. It is a complex process that requires not only communication with a wide audience, but also building positive relationships with important stakeholders such as journalists, social activists and other opinion leaders. In today's world, where the image of an organization is crucial for success, external PR is an inseparable element of every company's activity.

How to do external PR?

External PR is one of the most important elements of any marketing strategy. It is worth noting that it requires a comprehensive approach, taking into account both traditional media and those related to new technologies. It is also important to define the target group and objectives of activities related to external PR. Cooperation with a PR agency or a specialist in this field is a real solution to running an effective campaign and building a positive image of the company. To sum up, external PR is quite a challenge, but with the right approach and tools, it will certainly bring great results.

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