Why are references for a construction company crucial?

How to get references for a construction company

Every company, regardless of the industry, must have a way to prove the effectiveness of its products and services to potential customers. Do you know one that will allow you to generate up to 62% more revenue from each customer during each visit to your website? This The "secret" ingredient in referral marketing it's a testimonial. Speaking Polish - all you need are recommendations. What should the references for a construction company be? Above all, they are valuable and effective.

What are references for a company?

References are also important tools PR. As in any industry, references for a construction company are nothing more than the opinions of satisfied customers that confirm the value of a product or service. Sometimes these are paid recommendations, for example in the form of influencer opinions, but most often they are provided by satisfied customers voluntarily or at the request of the company. Combined with good copywriting and targeted marketing, testimonials can do a lot of good for your business - help other buyers overcome objections, increase online sales, and turn customers into brand ambassadors.

Customers opinion, including references for a construction company, are more important today than ever before. Years ago, brands could ignore negative comments about themselves. Today is a completely different story. Anyone with a phone, internet connection and Facebook account is free to express their opinions. A brand, with a few clicks, can appear in the minds of a large number of recipients - positively or negatively. That's why it's important to be concerned about how they talk about you. With the right references for a construction company, over time you will have an army of people who will speak well about your brand. Both online and offline.

92% reads reviews and opinions online when consumers are considering purchasing.

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How they work customer references?

According to statistics 92% reads reviews and opinions online when consumers are considering purchasing. As much as the 88% trusts consumers on the Internet as much as personal recommendations. The 72% of them claims that positive reviews and testimonials make them trust the company more. – References for a construction company from satisfied customers contribute to building a positive image of a development company - Commplace opinions are provided by the Managing Director, Bartosz Zieliński. - Using, in a way, the principle of social proof of rightness, Customer testimonials are also a tool supporting the company's credibility. References for a construction company translate finally on more sales. For example, in the case of development companies, it will be higher apartment sales. -  adds the PR Commplace expert. In addition, your clients' testimonials are the perfect "fuel" for your copywriting - to describe the words your current client base uses, their problems and your products or services that solved these problems.

How to get references for a construction company?

Satisfied customers are usually willing to do this. People want to help others. When you've provided your customers with a fantastic service, product, or program, they're more than willing to help spread the word about your business. The bottom line is that reference requests for a construction company become part of your ongoing business operations. Over time, this will allow you to "raise" your references - replace older ones with newer, better ones. It will also provide more recommendations to use for marketing purposes. So what to do?

First of all, you need to be proactive. Whenever a client gives a spontaneous compliment in person, over the phone or via e-mail, thank them. Then ask if you can use his words as a reference for your business. Make sure the customer understands that you will be using them in your marketing materials. A simple method to help you collect testimonials for a construction company is to post a link on your site that allows users to click on it to provide feedback. In your emails, encourage customers by saying, for example, "click here to let us know what you think."

Will references for a construction company increase conversion?

The statistics don't lie. Using social evidence like testimonials for a construction company in your marketing strategy can help you increase your conversions like crazy. Specifically? With positive feedback on a company, product, or service, people are more likely to convert 58%. The site generates 62% more revenue per visitor who purchases 3% more with one order. What are the testimonials and what are Commplace's opinions about it? - The most important thing is an appropriate, well-thought-out marketing plan. Ad hoc actions will certainly not translate into effects. Buying an apartment is a serious investment, preceded by a market analysis, online search for opinions about the developer, neighborhood, and available infrastructure. The use of simple tools, which are testimonials of satisfied customers, allows you to attract a potential buyer in a non-intrusive way so that he can take advantage of the offer - concludes Bartosz Zieliński from the PR Commplace agency.

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