Why does building brand awareness matter?

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building brand awareness

Today, your customers more and more often have their most important needs met. They don't always need new shoes, wine or gadgets. This is where building brand awareness is very useful so that they don't forget about you. As a result, they need to choose a given thing anyway. 

Building brand awareness, spontaneous brand recall and recognition - these are the concepts that have captured the marketing of the 21st century. Sometimes they are used interchangeably, although they are not the same thing. Spontaneous recall of the brand means not only the awareness that the company exists, but also the correct association of it with the relevant industry. For example, when an interviewer asks during market research what toothpastes the respondents know, the first answer for many of them will be: Colgate. 

Brand awareness - what is it about? 

Building brand awareness starts in young children. Research shows that young children are increasingly aware of the existence of individual brands. This shows that it is quite difficult to protect yourself from the influence of advertising and subliminal messages. There are several stages in the history of marketing when it comes to brand awareness practices. Just a few decades ago, many market sectors were not very saturated. Even in the field of basic products, brand awareness and loyalty were quickly built.

Sports shoes = sneakers

We can talk about high, universal recognition when a product is referred to as a synonym or substitute for the name of the entire category. People today often say "I'm going to buy sneakers", meaning any brand of sports footwear.

building brand awareness leads to better recognition

Currently, the market is more and more segmented. It is getting harder and harder to get such a high level of recognition among the general public. Media users are becoming more and more resistant to traditional advertising, which makes it difficult to reach them. Brand awareness itself counts more and more. If the customer associates the company, he can choose its product out of momentum. Lack of recognition may discredit it in the eyes of potential customers.

Building brand awareness using traditional methods 

Anyone vacationing in Asia or Africa has seen ads for sodas painted on walls. Producers often do not even want the message itself, but only that the logo should appear in the minds of consumers. Similarly in Poland, where the names of producers adorn umbrellas and tables in beer gardens. The fact that these techniques have been used for years may only prove that this method is effective. Advertising in public space can still be successful. However, it is necessary to focus on less and less obvious forms of advertising and marketing communication channels. These can be murals, stickers or artistic interference with the urban fabric. It may seem that there is nothing new to come up with when it comes to drawing a company logo on a wall. And yet new ideas appear all the time.

Sky is the limit

In 2005, the Paul brand boutique Smith in Los Angeles was painted an intense pink color. Today it's the most popular in the city a place to take a selfie and a tourist attraction known all over the world. Thanks to this, the company's logo goes to social media every day. This shows that also social habits or technological possibilities can decide about a new effect.

Traditional methods also include press, radio and television advertising. Almost from the beginning of the history of cinema, commercials have also been broadcast before the films. All this is building brand awareness. Later, the customer who remembers the ad may remember the brand when he plans to make purchases. Indeed, this practice has a rich history. In the past, the name of the company was shouted out by newsboys or touts. Later, the ad began to hit television. Today more methods are emerging. This can be image campaign or a sponsorship offer made to a sports team or an important person. Company ambassador, sympathizers' clubs, sponsored articles - all these are methods of building a positive image. 

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Modern methods of building brand awareness 

Building brand awareness is becoming more and more subtle today. This is especially facilitated by the digital world. Product placement it is not only a brand present in the film anymore. Viewers also come across it on Instagram or YouTube and are not always aware of it. The brand can only be a background for photos or a prop. Native and contextual advertising is an opportunity for modern marketing. It can often be done at a relatively low cost. Especially through appropriate audience targeting. Hence the popularity of micro-influencers and industry Youtubers. Many of them are involved in building brand awareness related to their activities. 

Interesting possibilities are also offered by computer games and virtual reality. The player stays in the game world for hours. Sometimes he completely sinks in it, and at the same time uncritically accepts what he sees on the monitor screen. In this way, it does not even consciously register the brands that appear in the games, but can subconsciously select them with subsequent purchases.  

building brand awareness

Why does brand awareness matter?

The best results are achieved today by those who have invested early enough in building brand awareness. Thanks to this, Apple or Tesla have followers who are eagerly waiting for each new thing. You too can create such an effect. This makes it very easy to collect a base of loyal customers and send them a regular newsletter. By providing information about the brand, you make customers look for you. For a random and unrecognizable brand, each purchase is a lottery. The customer has no arguments to buy the product. In industries where certainty and safety count, this can be disqualifying. And these include many areas, such as children's products, cosmetics and electronics. 

By building strength around your brand, you give yourself a better chance of surviving in difficult times. The times of the pandemic have shown this. Clubs and restaurants that could count on their fans survived. They bought, for example, stocks of ground coffee from a cafe or bottled beer from a pub, because they did not want these places to be closed. The earlier building of brand awareness paid off for their owners. 

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