Is black public relations allowed?


Actions public relations is honesty, sincerity and truthfulness. And yet, there is an area where competition is deliberately harmed, and more. Are such actions allowed and the result worth the risk? And what is black public relations?

What is black public relations?

Black public relations refers to all kinds of activities and practices aimed at damaging your reputation or corporate image, person, product, organization or even an entire nation, using a variety of tools and methods. Most often, they include presenting misleading and untrue facts about a competitor, including posting negative advertisements.

It is also common to disclose false or negative information to the public in order to tarnish the competition. Another practice is to post fake reviews about a product or service. Crisis management is one of the areas of activity he deals with PR agency. If your company has fallen victim to dishonest practices, especially false information, be sure to read our text on how to deal with it:

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Examples in business and politics

Unfortunately, black public relations is a very common phenomenon. The simplest example is a dismissed employee who slanders a former employer, for example on social media. Very often black PR it is used by political parties or specific politicians. They focus their political campaigns on emphasizing the negative aspects of competition, rather than on their positive qualities or an attractive program. In such cases, propaganda, psychological manipulation or simply plain deception are most often used. It is enough to look through the advertisements of the largest election campaigns - from the country and from abroad - to notice black PR practices in them.

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