Brand image research - how to conduct it?

Brand image research - how to conduct it?

A company's image, i.e. how individual target groups perceive it, has a large impact on whether a company will be successful on the market. How to conduct brand image research?

Why research the brand image?

Research brand image allows you to determine whether the brand image is close to brand identity. It is a way to find out how the brand is perceived by customers or representatives of other target groups, how the brand compares to the competition. With the help of the research, we will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the company, as well as determine its attributes and the effectiveness of marketing activities.

Undertaking research on the brand's image will help discover its strengths and weaknesses.

Maximize your company's potential by identifying threats and opportunities.

Brand image research - choice of method

Brand image research can be carried out according to a quantitative or qualitative method. Quantitative research will determine where, when, who, how much and how often they talk about the brand. Qualitative ones will answer the questions of how the brand is said and why it is said in this way.

The quantitative study can be carried out:

  • in the form of an interview - using mobile devices (CAPI), by telephone (CATI) or by traditional means (PAPI),
  • via e-mail questionnaires (CAWI) attached to the packaging or available at the point of sale.

The questions included in the survey may be based on:

  • on the Likert scale - we list the wording related to the brand and the respondent indicates to what extent he agrees with each of them,
  • on the semantic differential - a method of assessing brand attributes expressed in two opposing expressions, e.g. whether the brand is attractive-unattractive.

In qualitative research, you can use open-ended questions (e.g. about associations with a brand) and projection techniques - e.g. personification, where respondents are to imagine the brand as a human being and try to describe its features. Common methods of qualitative brand image research also include focus group interviews (FGI) and individual in-depth interviews (IDI).

Although brand image research can be expensive, it is undoubtedly worth conducting. An investment in research is an investment in brand development! The information obtained can be used to prepare a more effective PR campaign or communication strategy marketing, as well as facilitate construction competitive advantage.

Taking research will help discover the health of your brand. The company's potential can be maximized by identifying threats and opportunities. There is no one way to create the perfect brand research strategy. The best method will be to use a variety of data sources, developing an approach that is tailored to your brand and industry. Some results can be very satisfactory and others painful. The latter can often be the best because they offer room for improvement.

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