Agency 360about - everything you need to know about her

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Agency 360 - everything you need to know about it

Marketing activities are an extremely important element of the work when creating and managing your brand. Their task is to attract new customers and encourage them to stay longer. Surely, when running your own business, you have come across the concept of a marketing agency. A special type is the 360 degree agency. It takes a comprehensive approach to all activities undertaken to increase the popularity and visibility of your company. Not only on the web.

In today's dynamic world of marketing and advertising, 360-degree agencies are becoming more and more popular and sought after by companies wishing to effectively increase their online and offline presence. But what exactly does Agency 360 do? What marketing activities are they important and what should you pay attention to when working with such an agency?

What will you learn from the article?

In the article, we will take a closer look at the role of 360 agencies, discussing their wide range of marketing activities. You will learn what goals can be achieved by working with the 360 agency and what specific steps the agency takes to implement its marketing strategy. Furthermore, we will look at how the 360 agency can help increase product sales and what to pay attention to when choosing the right agency. Finally, we will discuss what should be included in a brief for a 360 agency and how to cooperate effectively to achieve your marketing goals. Get ready for an in-depth analysis of the role of the 360 agency in your company's marketing strategy and learn how to use its potential for the success of your business.


What does the 360 agency do?

PR agency 360about deals with all communication and marketing channels in your company. He is responsible for planning, implementing and controlling advertising campaigns created in cooperation with the company team. Name 360about refers to a comprehensive approach to action. The agency does not focus exclusively on one of the information distribution channels. He has many specialists in his team. These are people who make every effort to ensure that both individual elements and the entire project function exactly as intended.

Cooperating with the 360about and by entrusting her with company marketing, you can be sure that everything is supervised appropriately. Additionally, you hand over all campaign elements to one team of experts. This means you don't have to worry about many things. Among others about the consistency of the campaign and the communication methods used by the brand. The leader watches over everything. This is the person responsible for properly organizing the team's work in such a way as to ensure that everything will go according to plan. Thanks to this, recipients of advertising campaigns, regardless of the channels they use, will receive similar information. Supports it building brand awareness and developing her opinion as a specialist in a given field.

By deciding to cooperate with the 360about you can decide how you want to expand your marketing activities. After jointly determining the plans and goals to be met by the undertaken actions, it is possible matching tools to your individual needs. This way, you can always be sure that your company's marketing is consistent with the level of development you are currently at.

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Marketing activities worth paying attention to

Marketing activities undertaken by the 360 agencyabout can be divided into two areas. Due to the target groups to which they are addressed and the communication channels that are used. The departments that are definitely worth your attention are social media, e-mail marketing and websites. Each of these issues individually is extremely important for the proper operation of the company.

If the brand's social media is conducted in an interesting and engaging way, you can easily see the effects. Increased brand popularity and engagement of content recipients this is one of them. Similarly, if the website is designed and completed in such a way as to interest potential customers, it will bring better results. Therefore, check how the 360 agency worksaboutyou want to cooperate with. Analyze the social media she runs and the websites of her clients. This way, you will get a picture of the actions that are being taken. You will also be able to decide on the best way to work together.

When establishing cooperation with a marketing agency that operates on the basis of the 360-degree model, it is worth paying attention to what departments are in its structures. Communication activities undertaken by the company can be freely divided into smaller components, which depend on the individual approach of each of the leaders. However, we always recommend that you pay attention to whether the 360-degree agency operates on the basis of standard models that work in most cases, or whether it sets your own, which are worth being interested in.

360 agency

Actions taken by the agency 360

Agencja 360 undertakes numerous activities which, when combined, create a coherent and complete communication with clients. All implemented activities are to lead to the achievement of the intended goal. We will introduce you to the most important areas of activities undertaken by the 360 agency.

Social media marketing

Social media is currently one of the most frequently chosen communication channels between brands and recipients. Internet users are much more likely to reach for content transmitted via platforms such as Facebook or Instagram than blog articles. They are also very different activities.

Social media marketing involves communicating with customers via social media. Building an engaged community, expanding it and then transferring knowledge is one of the elements of the plan to build brand awareness. Thanks to properly conducted activities on social channels, you can notice a significant increase in sales of products and services of a given company.

However, an engaged community on social media is not only about better earnings for the company. It is also an element of building an opinion about the brand as specialists in a given field. Whether it's a tech-related, social, or other brand. An engaged community and its free content have a very positive impact on building an expert opinion.

Running an enterprise's social media is a large part-time job. It requires quick reaction to events taking place in the virtual world. It also requires constant contact with profile watchers. Additionally, the profile should be consistent. It must be conducted in such a way that it encourages recipients to interact with the brand and to recommend it further.

If you feel that you cannot devote as much time to social media as necessary, we recommend consulting this issue with the 360 agencyabout. Social media specialists will build brand awareness and expanding your media profiles. During this time, you can focus on the development of your company and observe the progress made, for example, on Instagram.

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Agency 360about a content marketing

Content marketing is closely related to social media. It includes all activities whose purpose is not to directly generate revenue, but to educate recipients. It also means providing them with valuable solutions, knowledge and products for free. In this way, recipients' awareness is built, their knowledge is increased, and thus they are engaged in contact with the brand.

Content marketing involves identifying the problems and goals of recipients, and then appropriately directing the brand's activities in such a way as to respond to them. Includes all brand-donated free content. We can distinguish here blogs, newsletters, podcasts and free e-books sent to recipients in exchange for their attention. The currency here is the time they devote to your brand to get interested in its activities.

Content marketing should be used in the company from the first days of its operation. If you know that you want to build a community around your brand and gain engaged attention with your services and products, provide your recipients with free content that is of high value to them. This way, you will increase interest in your company and improve the quality of life of your customers. This, in turn, will have a direct impact on commitment, devotion and interest in products.

Internet advertising

The most valuable way to customer acquisition and audience are searches and organic impressions. These are the elements that appear spontaneously through a Google search for a phrase that will redirect directly to your website. It is also the forwarding of your posts on social media or blog and interest in them through views on the board.

However, starting brand building you may have trouble targeting searches with organic traffic. For little content or a short period of activity, Your websites may rank lower in Google searches. And the posts are not yet that popular due to the small community. Then, online advertising is a valuable and noteworthy way to acquire recipients. Agency 360 makes sure that they are best suited to your target group. And also to provide valuable knowledge that will encourage users to check the pages hidden under them.

Online advertising includes paid content on social media and Google Ads. Thanks to them, your website will be more visible on the Internet. And searches will bring real profit, which you will see through an increase in revenues and the development of a community building your brand. Well-targeted ads are half the success of your company. Therefore, remember to match them to your potential recipients as best as possible. Also make sure they are visible where you want them to be. You can also entrust these tasks to Agency 360. Thanks to the knowledge of your products, social media and properly conducted content marketing, the team can create effective online advertisements that will redirect traffic to free content from you or to paid products and services that are available on your website. .

Email marketing with 360 agencyabout

E-mail marketing is primarily newsletters sent to recipients who have subscribed to your company's mailing list. In order for them to work as well as possible, it is advisable that they are properly constructed and planned. They should reach the audience as regularly as possible. This means it's worth having a publishing plan just like on social media.

Agencja 360 ensures that the newsletters always contain all the most important information about activities that are taken in your company. Thanks to the close cooperation between the various marketing departments, you can find that email marketing will contain information about events that are also promoted on your social media and vice versa. In this way, your marketing agency maintains consistency across all your communication channels.

360 agency


The website is a showcase of the activities you take in your company. Thanks to the fact that you have all the most important information about the services you offer there, you can send your potential customers to one place where they will find all the relevant information on the topic they are interested in.

Thanks to your website, you also build brand awareness and position your company in Google searches. All you need to do is work with copywriting specialists to create the best possible texts, optimized for SEO. In this way Your website will be higher and higher in search resultsto finally be on the first page of Google. This way, you will gain organic traffic to your website, which will improve your results and profits.

Website, if specialists from 360 agency deal with itabout, is optimized for Google search engines from the very beginning. This means that you do not have to entrust external optimization companies with taking care of the content and its proper positioning.

Agencja 360 - check what goals you can achieve thanks to cooperation

Having a company whose task is to constantly develop and generate income, you certainly have certain business goals that you want to achieve. Some of them depend primarily on the commitment of both your own and the team you work with. However, there is a certain group of assumptions and activities that are closely related to marketing activities and which are influenced by the involvement of the community built around the brand. We will show you which of these goals you will achieve faster and easier when cooperating with the 360 agencyabout.

Increase in community involvement

To gain and maintain an engaged community on social media and other communication channels between your company and your audience, you need to spend a lot of time doing this. It is not enough to publish posts and inform about it in your story. Constant contact with the community and responding to their needs is necessary.

If you manage your social media yourself, you may notice that it is not growing as fast as you would expect. Therefore, it is worth entrusting this task to social media specialists. They know exactly how to do it manage communication to achieve the expected results. Your accounts will be handled by people who do this professionally. This gives them much more time to devote to your problems.

Thanks to the commitment of specialists from 360about, community involvement grows, i.e. people who are recipients of content published on your social media. Thanks to this, you achieve your goal, which was the increase in commitment.

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How to achieve higher product sales with the 360 agency?

Good marketing translates directly into improving the reach of your company. If the reach built by the 360 agency increases, the number of people who know about your products and services also increases. If more people learn about what you offer in the market, you may gain more customers interested in purchasing. In this way, you will increase product sales, which directly translates into increased company profits.

It is also worth noting that higher sales of products and services also translate into increased brand popularity. If you offer a high-quality product that your customers are satisfied with, they will certainly recommend it to people they know. These, in turn, will become your customers. Agency 360 also takes care of your regular customers and reminds them why it is worth recommending your brand further. This way, you not only earn money through marketing activities carried out on potential customers, but also through referrals from your regular customers.

Possibility to raise the prices of products and services

Having your own enterprise, you have certainly faced or will have to face the necessity of increasing the prices of your products in the future. It is related to the growing rates of semi-finished products, materials and hourly employee wages. Therefore, in order for the product to continue to be profitable, it may be necessary to increase its price.

Agency 360about will help you prepare your customers for the activities your company will undertake. This way, customers who have used your services so far will learn what influenced the price increases and will be able to accept them. Effective marketing also means providing your customers with appropriate informationthat are necessary in a way that they understand them.

The possibility of raising the prices of products and services without the risk of losing customers is also influenced by the engaged community. Built by many communication channels between the company and customers. Therefore, make sure that the 360aboutwith whom you are establishing cooperation, paid a lot of attention to building a community on social media.

Choosing a 360-degree agency – what should you consider?

Certainly, the most important criterion that we recommend paying attention to is the flexibility of the 360 agency with which you cooperate. It should be a company that is able to provide you with the highest level of services at every stage of the development of your business. This means that regardless of whether you are just starting to build your brand or you have been on the market for many years, the product offer should be tailored to your needs. Importantly, it should develop as your company grows.

Another important criterion is the skills of the specialists employed in the 360 agency. If you care about the best marketing services that will help raise your company to the top, you should make sure that experts in their fields are also here. Only thanks to a team of people of the highest business level and those who ambitiously climb for promotion will you achieve marketing success.

What should you consider when choosing a 360 agency?

When deciding to choose a 360 agency, it is worth paying attention to several key aspects that may determine the success of cooperating entities. The criteria for selecting an agency should be closely related to the goals and needs of your company. First of all, it is important that the activities of a 360-degree agency are comprehensive and tailored to the multidimensional nature of modern marketing. The agency should offer not only traditional forms of advertising, but also support in the area of digital marketing, including social media strategies and SEO optimization.

Experience and portfolio of similar projects are other factors that should be taken into account, as they may be an indicator of the effectiveness and quality of the services provided. When choosing a 360 agency, remember to ask about case studies and references from previous clients, which will allow you to better understand how the agency copes with challenges and what the real effects of its activities are.

agency 360 cooperation

Also pay attention to the way you communicate with the team. As a 360 agency, we are available to our clients as often as possible. This means that if there is a problem that requires immediate action from the marketing team, you can contact us in no time. We then deal with the problem so that you don't have to worry about it anymore.

Also remember that there should be so-called chemistry between your company and the marketing agency. This means that MrThe basis of good cooperation is proper communication within the team and between companies. If you have a choice between two 360 agencies that offer similar services at the same level, choose the one with which you can establish a better and more inspiring contact.

What should be included in the brief for the 360 agency?

Brief for agencies 360, as in the case of most of the cooperation that you establish while running your business, is extremely important. It allows the team to gain knowledge about the activities that are taken in your company without the need to constantly, frequently ask you questions during the cooperation. This means that the correct and careful completion of the brief greatly facilitates the work of both you as an entrepreneur and the team from the agency with which you establish cooperation. We will list and discuss some of the most important issues that you should raise in the survey.

brief for the 360 agency

Description of your business

It is a very important element of your brief. It allows the team that will be responsible for marketing in your company to see the profile of the activity. You should describe as precisely as possible all the elements that make up your business. You should provide all the information that may be necessary for the marketing team.

Remember to include here all the elements that may be important for the 360 agency. Therefore, include everything you consider important here. The better you describe in the brief how your company operates, the greater the probability that all marketing campaigns will be based on the assumptions of your brand and will be consistent with your goals.

Agencja 360 and your marketing goals

Marketing goals are also very important. It is worth defining what you want to achieve before starting cooperation. In this way, the marketing agency will be able to correct your goals to some extent, adjust marketing plans to them and start your activities in the best way possible. Remember to clearly define your marketing goals.

Specific planning of marketing goals will also enable you to control the extent to which the 360 agency operatesabout are effective for your business. It is also worth paying attention to what stage your business is at now and compare it in some time, when the marketing team will be active for some time.

Agency 360about provides comprehensive marketing activities that cover all elements in your enterprise. It ensures the achievement of the best goals and assumptions in terms of profits thanks to a holistic approach to your marketing activities. This allows you to control the consistency of communication activities and improve brand awareness by reaching different groups of recipients with similar content.


Agency 360 degrees is a comprehensive partner in achieving marketing goals. Thanks to a wide range of activities, he can effectively build brands, increase sales and develop companies. Activities undertaken by the 360 agency include both online and offline activities, which allows for comprehensive support in the promotion of products and services.

Cooperation with the 360 agency can bring many benefits, but it is crucial to precisely define goals and expectations and select the appropriate agency that best meets the needs of your company. Also remember about a clear brief that will enable effective cooperation with the 360 agency and effective achievement of your marketing goals. Thanks to the professional support of the 360 agency, you can effectively strengthen your presence on the market and achieve business success.

Worth knowing:

1. What is a 360 degree agency?

Agencja 360 degrees is a company specializing in comprehensive marketing services that offers a wide range of services including marketing strategy, graphic design, online and offline advertising activities, as well as social media management. Thanks to its holistic approach, the 360 agency integrates various communication channels to effectively build the brand and achieve its clients' business goals.

2. Is it worth cooperation with the 360 agency?

It is worth considering cooperation with the 360 degrees agency because it offers comprehensive support in the field of marketing and advertising, including both online and offline activities. Thanks to their wide range of services, you can effectively build your brand, increase sales and achieve success in a competitive business environment.

3. How much do 360-degree agency activities cost?

The cost of operating a 360-degree agency may vary and depends mainly on the scope of services and the size of the project. Pricing can be based on hours of work, a per-project rate, or a monthly subscription fee. The final cost will also depend on the individual needs and expectations of the client and the level of advancement of marketing activities.

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