Great-tasting opinions come from understanding consumers' needs


Bread or other bakery products accompany people every day. Not only during breakfast, which for many people is the most important meal of the day and a perfect start to the morning. The VANDEMOORTELE company knows this very well - work and opinions on exemplary taste are guided by the needs of consumers. And also about understanding how important it is in the life of every human being to eat tasty and healthy.

VANDEMOORTELE - work, opinions supported by history

In the food industry, special attention is paid to the quality of taste, because food accompanies us every day and is a source of energy needed for everyday functioning. The production of tasty products is possible thanks to our extensive experience, which over the years allows us to obtain the best quality products. It is no different in the case of the manufacturer of bakery products, margarines, fats and cooking oils - VANDEMOORTELE. Work on delivering the best products began in 1899 in Belgium. Since then, the brand has been developing intensively. By listening to the needs of the market and, above all, customers, it diversifies its activities.

Expansion to new markets, thanks to a tasty offer, allowed the launch of many new brands, addressed to various target groups, so that every consumer can find something for themselves. Currently, the company supplies products not only to individual customers, but also operates in the B2B area, supplying bakeries, restaurants and hotels. For the VANDEMOORTELE brand, work and opinions about the unquestionable quality of products are based on the constant development of production. Undertaking research and introducing modern technologies is a step towards progress in the food industry.

Your brand image matters!

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VANDEMOORTELE - work focused on consumers

Today, customers have the opportunity to choose a wide variety of food products, because each year more and more brands appear on the market. Companies outdo each other in advertising campaigns, trying to reach the widest possible group of consumers. The key to success, however, is a full understanding of the desires and needs of the target group, which the VANDEMOORTELE brand is fully aware of - the work, opinions of its specialists are focused primarily on contact with consumers, talking with them and asking appropriate questions. All this to fully understand what is important to them. Only such activities give the opportunity to focus on the full flavor of bakery products, oils or margarines.

Currently, however, the high quality of products alone is no longer enough. Actions must be taken to distinguish the company from the competition. First of all, it is important to follow the current trends, new local tastes and culinary preferences. Consumers want to be surprised by new flavors or food products. They love trying new articles to expand their daily diet.

Routine in eating, the same products for breakfast, lunch or dinner are a thing of the past. A company that wants to stay in the market, attract new customers and retain existing, loyal consumers must constantly develop - which is emphasized by the VANDEMOORTELE brand in its activities. The work of her R&D department focuses not only on improving the quality of the products offered, but also on increasing operational efficiency and, most importantly, on carrying out the so-called brainstorming, thanks to which the company brings new ideas to life.

VANDEMOORTELE's intensive development allows us to introduce more and more new products to the market. This is the best proof that the brand is constantly looking for new solutions for its consumers.

A brand with vision and values

Shaping the company's image is a priority in today's marketing activities of every company. Without a well-formed brand image in the minds of consumers, the company is lost among the broad competition. Consistent brand building allows it to stand out among other companies in the food industry, because "high quality of taste" is no longer enough. Only a full understanding of the value of your offer, identifying the distinguishing features, determining what needs are met by the products, defining the unique features of food products will allow for effective image creation brand.

For the VANDEMOORTELE company, reviews are being worked on building an image the brand is based on three main values. They are respect, cooperation and ambition. The company successfully creates its relationships with retail and wholesale consumers, basing them on trust and respect. This also applies to internal relations, because "satisfied employees create the company's success and build its value for many years," emphasizes the VANDEMOORTELE brand. Another value is the extensive cooperation with partners and teams in order to further joint development and the ambition to deliver the best taste and the best quality with the best service. The brand values specified in this way emphasize its uniqueness and originality.

For VANDEMOORTELE, the work, opinions on the company's image, began with a full understanding of the distinguishing features of food brands, which are very numerous due to the wide variety of the food industry. The cafe, discount store, and the manufacturer of bakery products will be guided by different values. A properly developed brand strategy strengthens its image and allows it to stand out from the competition. The distinguishing features that should be taken into account in the case of the food industry include: product composition, packaging, price, country of origin or sensory features of the products. It should also not be forgotten that the creation of the brand image should be consistent with the overall image of the company. Communication must be consistent with the strategy, mission and vision of the company so that it creates a harmonious whole.

VANDEMOORTELE work - opinions shape the offer

A wide range of food products allows you to reach a diverse target group. In the bakery sector, it is extremely important to have a variety of items so that routine does not creep into everyday meals. For this reason, VANDEMOORTELE has worked for over 100 years to deliver not only simple pastries, but also baguettes, donuts, croissants, rolls, focaccia and many other products that fill many tables at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Consumers who can choose food products from such a wide offer will be satisfied because all their needs and desires will be met. The VANDEMOORTELE brand, which produces over 3,000 various products, reaches various target groups with its product proposition, which is the basis of its success and inspiration for further development.

Taking into account the trends in nutrition and new, fashionable diets, which are more and more every year, allows for continuous improvement of products, as the specialists of the VANDEMOORTELE brand know. Work on high-quality products is currently focused on constantly expanding the offer in order to create new proposals and fit into current trends, but also to create new ones.

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