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Commplace PR agency

Are you looking for a PR agency and don't know what to consider when choosing? Do you care about the care of a creative team of professionals who know how to increase the visibility of your brand on the Internet? Do you want to know which PR agencies enjoy the highest visibility of their websites in Google's organic search results? Get to know the ranking generated on the basis of data from the Senuto analytical platform in the Marketing thematic category.

What types of PR agencies are leading in 2024?

One of the most important trends in the PR industry in 2024 is hyperpersonalization. Companies expect tailor-made offers, perfectly suited to both the brand's mission and history, as well as financial possibilities. Journalists also expect fully personalized content from PR agencies. Therefore, clients are increasingly willing to use the services of small but specialized boutique agencies that focus on the client's niche and their individual needs. Agencies employing specialists scattered all over the country and even the world are also becoming more and more popular. This form of cooperation allows you to draw on much greater resources of experience, knowledge and creativity, as well as greater flexibility in carrying out individual tasks.

Another clearly visible trend that can boost a PR agency in the popularity rankings is authenticity and courage in tackling socially important topics. What matters no longer is the size of the agency, but the passion and commitment of the people who create it. Small boutique agencies build their success based on the success of their clients, which is why they are more motivated and committed to building valuable and authentic relationships.

In 2024, you will notice a clear increase in importance AI when generating content, photos and graphics, and even creating communication strategies. This trend will deepen, which is why there will be agencies on the market that will quickly learn to use artificial intelligence - both for their own needs and for the needs of their clients. However, AI is not only about the modern tools we use, but also about the threats that the PR industry has to face. These include, for example, fake news and broadly understood disinformation. More and more PR agencies are starting to build separate positions responsible for cooperation with AI and data analysis, thanks to which they can fully use its potential while controlling the quality of its products.

Why is the visibility of websites so important?

Brand image is as important as the product or service whose sale constitutes the essence of the company's business activity. Even the best-designed offer will turn out to be ineffective if it does not reach a potentially interested customer who is willing to use it. That's why more and more companies appreciate not only their own capabilities Web page and social media, but also the option to appear on other websites and portals. The brand's presence on subpages with a high position in Google search results still cannot be overestimated. Properly built incoming and outgoing links, proper text structure and appropriate intensity of valuable keywords are the foundation of optimization affecting the brand's visibility on the Internet.

No less important is good cooperation with the media and industry portals. Personalized e-newsletters and content sent regularly to industry and local journalists are excellent tools for building proper communication with the environment and creating the right image. More and more companies decide not only to prepare and send press releases, sponsored articles or texts on... company blog, but also giving interviews and comments in traditional media. Some of them organize their own press conferences and events involving recipients - meetings, conferences or open days. All this to maximize the brand's visibility and recognition.

Creating and implementing a coherent, attractive and goal-oriented approach brand communication strategy this is an extremely important element of building a competitive advantage. It is also an effective tool for building customer trust. Customers who feel well informed and involved in the brand's communication are more loyal to it and are more willing to recommend it to others.

Which PR agencies are most visible in the Senuto ranking in the Marketing category?

The Polish PR agency market is growing every year. This is evidenced by both the increase in the number of registered new enterprises of this type and the growing popularity of studies and training in the field of PR and social communication. Currently, there are over 5,700 companies providing PR services on the market. Meanwhile, in 2009 there were "only" 1,700 of them, which means an increase of 200-300 PR agencies per year.

PR agencies currently operating on the Polish market provide a very wide range of services. They often specialize in specific areas or operate in specific industries. Some of them employ entire teams of people, and some build their advantage based on several freelancers specializing in a given area of communication. Similarly, clients - some of them entrust a PR agency with full management of brand communication, and some of them only part of the tasks related to public relations. All this makes it impossible to create any popularity rankings. Therefore, when making various types of comparisons, it is worth focusing on one, fully measurable value - e.g. website visibility in the Google search engine.

The website visibility ranking prepared by the Senuto analytical platform has been published since 2020 and enjoys great interest in the PR industry every year. It presents the 100 most visible websites in the Marketing category in Polish Google, including many PR agencies. The report's results are proof of how specific entities deal with the visibility of their websites and subpages compared to their competitors. This is extremely important if we are looking for a place where our brand will have a chance to reach the largest number of Internet users faster - including people from the target group we are interested in.

Commplace it PR agency, which made an impressive debut in this year's ranking, jumping straight to 14th place. Building strong brands is its motto. It offers its clients, among others: e-Pr, seo PR, sales support, comprehensive social media services, website creation, rebranding and a lot more. It is also the only agency with its own event center.

What model does it work in? There is the so-called distributed agency – works within project teams whose members live and work in various places in Poland and abroad. The content published on the Commplace website focuses mainly on topics such as: public relations, advertising, marketing, social media, branding and employer branding. On the website you can find many interesting articles, practical guides, specific case studies and in-depth interviews with experts. The content of the website is addressed not only to potential customers, who will find there a lot of detailed information about the scope and possibilities of cooperation. It is also eagerly visited by marketers, PR specialists, as well as entrepreneurs interested in communication and promotion in business. The agency has as many as 2,963 phrases in the TOP 10 search results, including 1,134 phrases in the TOP 10 Marketing category.

The most spectacular jump in the ranking this year belonged to the agency, which took first place, jumping 13 positions. The most visible elements of the website in the Google search engine are blog content. The agency, which has been building its position in the ranking since 2020, currently has 3,958 phrases in the TOP 10, including 2,605 phrases in the TOP 10 Marketing category.

This is another successful debut in this year's ranking. The agency specializes in, among others: in SEO, UX and Google Ads. As part of SemcoreLAB, he focuses on creating innovative technologies and experimenting to increase the effectiveness of his strategies. The agency currently has 4,266 phrases in the TOP 10 search results, of which 2,457 are phrases in the TOP 10 Marketing category.


It is a performance marketing agency that specializes in SEO, CM, SEM, web analytics and social media. He regularly publishes expert, industry and guide articles as well as case studies focused on digital marketing. The agency currently has 2,693 phrases in the TOP 10, including 1,373 phrases in the TOP 10 Marketing category.


An agency that retained its last year's place in the ranking. It offers services in the field of website optimization and promotion, individual consultations and training in the field of internet marketing. The agency currently has 3,025 phrases in the TOP 10, including 2,102 phrases in the TOP 10 Marketing category.

The agency offers website creation, content optimization and SEO/PPC campaigns. Blog articles are the most popular on their website. The agency currently has 1,107 phrases in the TOP 10 search results, including 872 phrases in the TOP 10 Marketing category.

The agency making its debut in this year's ranking has relatively few phrases in the TOP 10 search results - 146 phrases, including 50 phrases in the TOP 10 Marketing category. On its website you can find tools for designing, implementing and optimizing websites, as well as educational materials in the field of internet marketing.

An agency that dropped 5 positions in this year's ranking. He specializes in designing and creating websites and online stores, mobile applications and other digital solutions for companies. The agency currently has 1,634 phrases in the TOP 10 search results, including 1,255 phrases in the TOP 10 Marketing category.

An agency with many years of experience that supports entrepreneurs in adapting to new conditions in the dynamically developing online market. The agency currently has 1,359 phrases in the TOP 10 search results, including 696 phrases in the TOP 10 Marketing category.

Digital marketing agency offering search engine optimization, PPC advertising and social media services. The agency currently has 1,548 phrases in the TOP 10 search results, including 840 phrases in the TOP 10 Marketing category.

Another debutant in this year's ranking. He focuses on advertising in social networks, programmatic advertising, mobile advertising and Google Ads campaigns. The agency currently has 752 phrases in the TOP 10 search results, including 559 phrases in the TOP 10 Marketing category.

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