PR agency work - everything you need to know about it


Public relations is an industry that is constantly evolving and there is no indication that this will change. Working in this area is a good prospect for the future! The article below is a job PR agency in a nutshell, i.e. what the agency does, what positions it employs and how to get a job in such a company.

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What does a PR agency do?

Public relations agency responsible for broadly understood PR. Its main task is to create and implement public relations campaigns tailored to the goals and requirements of customers and the specificity of the markets in which these customers operate. A public relations agency performs its duties through:

  • conducting detailed market analyzes,
  • creating a PR strategy,
  • communication with target customer groups,
  • creation, i.e. creating graphics and texts as part of image shaping,
  • organization of PR events,
  • employer branding,
  • and many others.

Working in a PR agency is a good solution for creative, open-minded, communicative people, fascinated by public relations but also marketing. What positions are the agencies employing?

PR agency work - positions

Public relations management is a process that requires a multi-track approach. A job in a PR agency will be available to both people who want to deal directly with maintaining relationships with the environment, as well as those who want to deal with substantive issues, such as copywriting, analytics or website design.

PR agency jobs include: PR manager, i.e. a person who coordinates public relations activities. His main duties are: contact with the media, organization of press conferences, cooperation with external PR agencies, managing the PR team. In turn, a PR specialist develops and implements PR strategies. The PR specialist is responsible for planning media relations activities, building and maintaining relations with journalists, creating press materials on current company matters, as well as preparing crisis management procedures.

Employment in a PR agency is also available for:

  • analysts,
  • strategists,
  • programmers,
  • creative employees, including copywriters and graphic designers.
Working in a PR agency is a sea of possibilities!

How to get a job in a PR agency?

Public relations is constantly evolving. Therefore, if you want to get a job in the PR industry and be successful, you must constantly improve your competences and gain knowledge. It is worth participating in PR training and conferences and following industry trends. Public relations agencies are looking for passionate people who are fully committed to their work, show considerable creativity and scrupulously pursue the set goals.

Be sure to prepare a decent CV. Describe your experience, courses and training in detail, present your skills and advantages. Be honest and professional.

Where to look for a job? In addition to popular classifieds websites, regularly browse the websites of public relations agencies. In Commplace you will find a special tab "Job agency PR", where current recruitment offers are available. Check what we have for you!

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