OSM Sierpc – new client
in the Commplace portfolio

OSM Sierpc - a new client in the Commplace portfolio

We are honored to announce the beginning of cooperation with a renowned brand in the dairy industry - OSM Sierpc. This modern company, operating since 1927, is the quintessence of tradition combined with innovation and attention to quality in production.

About OSM Sierpc

OSM Sierpc is a company with a long history, which has been on the market since 1927. It has gained its reputation thanks to the consistently high quality of its products and concern for customer satisfaction. The dairy is located in north-western Mazovia. All production is carried out in accordance with the ISO and HACCP Quality Management Systems, guaranteeing consumers the highest quality products.

Tradition and modernity in one

OSM Sierpc is not only a company with a long history, but also a modern approach to production. By introducing innovative technologies and meeting the growing expectations of customers, the brand confirms that tradition and modernity can go hand in hand, creating products worthy of attention and trust.

OSM Sierpc

Recognizable flavors and products with character

OSM Sierpc products are appreciated and liked by consumers. Particularly noteworthy are, among others: Royal Cheese, Smoked Royal Cheese and Italian-type Capri cheese. High quality and unique taste are the features that make the brand win the hearts of customers.

Innovations for demanding OSM Sierpc customers

To meet the growing market requirements, OSM Sierpc has also introduced new products. Such as Royal Cheese light and Omega Royal Cheese with Omega 3&6 acids. This is proof that the brand does not stand still, but actively responds to consumers' needs, offering them increasingly better solutions.

Task for Commplace: website design and photo session

Our priority in cooperation with OSM Sierpc is to create a visual brand identification. One that will reflect both its tradition and modernity. The task of our agency will be not only to design and implement a website, but also to conduct a professional photo session of the products, which will show their highest quality.

Why are a website and product photos important in the dairy industry?

Nowadays, online presence is a key element of the success of every brand, regardless of the industry. In the case of the dairy industry, where competition is high, having a professional website and high-quality product photos is not only a brand showcase, but also a way to gain customer trust and stand out on the market. Consumers are convinced not only by taste and quality, but also by the aesthetic presentation of products, which begins with the virtual world of the Internet.

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