A new client in Commplace's portfolio: Sopel


PR agency Commplace is pleased to announce the start of cooperation with a new client - Sopel. The family-owned company has been operating on the market since 1998 and specializes in the production of cubed and crushed ice.

The Sopel company is definitely one of the most important ice producers in Poland. Thanks to the hard work of the whole family and the involvement of close people, the company is developing dynamically and has a very well-established position on the local market. It currently offers 4 main product categories:

  • dry ice
  • natural ice cubes
  • natural crushed ice
  • monin products

As part of the cooperation, Commplace will deal with the implementation of SEO and Google Ads campaigns. These campaigns are very important for the development of Sopel, because they will allow to improve the visibility of the company's website in search results and increase the number of potential customers through advertising on Google.

The SEO campaign will allow you to optimize the Sopel website in terms of keywords, which will increase the chances of it appearing in search results. The Google Ads campaign will enable Sopel to advertise its product in Google search results.

As Kamil Stoczko, a representative of the Sopel company, says: We believe that our cooperation will bring many benefits to Sopel, and the Commplace agency will do everything in its power to achieve the best results. And thus - help our business grow.

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