Commplace with a new client - CBRTP 


We welcome the Center for Research and Development of Technologies for Industry among our partners. CBRTP is a bridge between business and science. The company's activities contribute to the development of enterprises in the industry sector.  

The Center for Research and Development of Technologies for Industry has joined the group of clients of the PR Commplace Agency. In Poland, we note increased activity of scientific units and companies under construction, the activities of which have generated many innovative systems. Including plastering, drilling, drilling, masonry, and even laying floors. The CBRTP team, together with scientists from the Kielce University of Technology and STRABAG, designed machines for bricklaying and plastering walls. This first structures of this type in Poland - emphasizes Grzegorz Putynkowski, Chief Executive Officer at CBRTP.

Communication of new solutions with Commplace 

In the current difficult market situation, the European industry is looking for solutions to compensate for the negative impact and problems resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the war in Ukraine. Polish construction is currently based in part on workers from this country. Meanwhile, many Ukrainian men have decided to return to their homeland in recent months. In such a situation, it is obvious to look for new solutions. One of them is the use of technology Industry 4.0, based on automatic and robotic systems, improving efficiency while maintaining qualified staff. 

#believeinIndustry 4.0

Innovators at heart, leaders by mindset, have set themselves a noble goal - to build bridges between business and science - notes Bartosz Zieliński, Managing Director of the PR Commplace Agency. CBRTP integrates the world of business with the world of science. Currently, Industry 4.0 means the integration of intelligent machines and systems as well as introducing changes in production processes. Their goal is not only to increase production efficiency, but also to introduce the possibility of flexible changes in the assortment. Industry 4.0 is not only about technology, but also about new ways of working and the role of people / human resources in industry and the economy as a whole.

 # Advantage through cooperation

We believe in people. We try to create, nurture and attract talents. We look for potential and transform it into measurable results for our clients, partners and their communities. – says the Managing Director, PR agency Commplace. Our competences attracted a new client to the PR Commplace Agency - the Research and Development Center of Technologies for Industry

PR agency Commplace is responsible for the implementation of the new website, online marketing and building the expert image of CBRTP. Commplace will also comprehensively deal with PR activities in the field of media relations and publications in the context of cooperation between business and science.

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