CEDR Energo opinions about work
in the renewable energy sector


The popularity of renewable energy sources is growing significantly among both companies and individuals. The latest data from the Energy Market Agency show that in April this year electricity production in Poland amounted to 12,883.6 GWh, and in the same period last year it was 14,981.1 GWh. This means that 2,097.5 GWh more energy was produced. This is good news for people who are looking for a new job. One of the companies that operates in the renewable energy sector is CEDR Energo - opinions about the future of the industry are optimistic. “Work in the sector of ecological energy sources is the future. In our company, we employ people who want to develop and jointly implement tasks in the field of energy transformation," say company representatives.

What is the structure of energy production in Poland? Still 39.3 percent comes from hard coal-fired power plants, while 21 percent from lignite power plants. However, the share of ecological sources is growing. Thus, wind farms constitute 15.1%, biogas and biomass - 3.8%, and photovoltaics - 3.7%. The capacity of conventional power plants was 36,196.6 MW, and the capacity of renewable energy sources was 24,377.8 MW. What does it mean? Job advertisements related to renewable energy will appear more and more often on the market. What is CEDR Energo's opinion on this matter? Opinions about the good condition of this sector of the labor market are confirmed by numbers - including wages.

CEDR Energo – opinions about work in the company leave no doubt  

CEDR Energo is one of the leaders on the Polish market in the professional energy sector. The company carries out ecological investments and thus contributes to improving the condition of the environment in Poland. Responsible for, among others: for the construction of the boiler room and is looking for alternative ways to obtain energy. According to CEDR Energo, the opinions that it is worth taking care of the natural environment are absolutely justified. The development of industry makes investments in ecological heat sources a necessity. The company contributes to increasing the ecological awareness of Poles. It not only invests in the area of renewable energy sources, but also educates Polish consumers.

What does the company think about employment in renewable energy? CEDR Energo opinions about working in this industry prove that it is an excellent decision. Data from the International Renewable Energy Agency indicate that employment in the renewable energy sector is growing significantly. In 2012, it was 7.3 million people, and currently there are almost 13 million employees.

It's an interesting job and full of challenges. From the employer's point of view, I can say that the most important features are openness to new things, communication skills and self-discipline. New positions related to renewable energy sources appear in Poland every year. This is valuable information for people who are looking for their career path - explains Sławomir Madejski, President of the Management Board of CEDR Energo.

At the same time, the company emphasizes that it is looking for employees. At CEDR Energo, we respect and take into account employees' opinions. We are also happy that they perceive working in the company as a huge opportunity for development. We provide appropriate employment conditions and ensure that our employees are satisfied. We also guarantee attractive financial conditions and we are an employer that cares about health and safety. A good working atmosphere is important to us, which is why we ensure fair treatment and do not discriminate against anyone. We also implement an ESG strategy.  

CEDR Energo: opinions and challenges facing the industry

Every third Pole believes that companies in the renewable energy sector are modern and innovative. Green energy companies are constantly investing money in innovation and using modern technologies. They obtain heat from nature, which was unthinkable several decades ago.

According to CEDR Energo, the opinions that working in renewable energy are an excellent option for people who want to have a real impact on improving the condition of the natural environment are absolutely justified. Employment in the renewable energy sector has many advantages. First of all, it is an industry of the future. Companies operating in this sector have huge support among society.

The latest IRBIS research shows that 1/3 of respondents believe that these companies really help the country's inhabitants. Therefore, working in this sector is highly appreciated by the public. As much as 69 percent Poles believe that investing in renewable energy sources reduces global warming.

Advantages of working in the renewable energy sector

The growing demand for renewable energy translates into a growing demand for specialists in the field of renewable energy. Working in this sector gives you the opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience, which may open the door to interesting and well-paid positions. Professionals working in the field of renewable energy acquire unique knowledge, including: in the field of renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, energy storage and resource management.

These are skills that are not only useful in the current phase of energy development, but also necessary to shape future energy solutions. Work related to the design, construction and maintenance of renewable energy installations allows you to develop practical competences that have a real impact on the development of the sector and the fight against climate change. However, it is not only technical skills that are valued in the field of renewable energy. As the complexity of energy projects increases, the demand for specialists in project management, energy law, financial consulting and communication in the renewable energy sector is also growing.

From the perspective of CEDR Energo, opinions about the positive sides of employment in the industry could be multiplied. Therefore, if someone is looking for a profession with prospects, they should choose renewable energy.

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