Commplace supports the activities of the BEN-STAL brand on the German market

Commplace supports the activities of the BEN-STAL brand

We are pleased to announce that Commplace has started cooperation with the BEN-STAL brand to support its activities related to expansion into the German market.


BEN-STAL specializes in the production of high-quality sheet metal garages with standard dimensions and fulfills individual customer orders. All products are entirely manufactured in the company's plants, which guarantees the highest quality of workmanship. BEN-STAL garages are an excellent solution not only for protecting your car against weather conditions, but can also be used as a fuel storage room, garden equipment storage room, construction storage room and many other applications.

Commplace supports the activities of the BEN-STAL brand
Commplace supports the activities of the BEN-STAL brand

Commplace's scope of activities

Commplace will be responsible for the implementation of SEO campaigns and Google Ads on the German market. Thanks to content optimization and advertising strategy, BEN-STAL will increase its visibility in search engines and reach potential customers in Germany.

– Scope activities SEO and Google Ads are important tools in building brand awareness and increasing its reach on foreign markets. Thanks to content optimization, the BEN-STAL brand can appear in the first places in search results, which significantly increases the chance of reaching your target group. Google Ads campaigns, on the other hand, allow for precise targeting of ads, which can bring quick results in the form of an increase in website traffic and conversions. We are convinced that our cooperation will bring measurable benefits to BEN-STAL and allow it to achieve success on the competitive German market - summarizes Bartosz Zieliński.

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