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ATL marketing and BTL marketing are two marketing strategies commonly used in the advertising industry to promote any product or brand. The first one is used to strengthen the position of the brand and reach as many recipients as possible through the mass media. Too general? Details can be found in the text. 

Above The Line, or ATL marketing, refers to general, untargeted, mass campaigns designed to raise brand awareness and reach more people. On the other hand, Below The Line, or BTL marketing, refers to a much smaller and highly targeted world of advertising. Ads targeted at individuals, with an easy-to-track ROI in which target group is defined with remarkable precision.  

What is ATL Marketing? 

ATL marketing is the approach most often used to build brand awareness and promote company values. Every self-respecting woman should know them PR agency. Wide-ranging campaigns are largely untargeted and undertaken at a generic level. A good example of the ATL marketing approach is a nationwide or even global television advertising campaign. The same ad is shown nationwide to all viewers, meaning people from all demographics.  

This strategy is a good way to promote your brand, but it's hard to measure the exact impact and return on investment. However, its purpose is not to precisely express an increase in the conversion rate. It is generally making customers aware of the existence of a brand or product and increasing the company's visibility on the market. 

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BTL marketing, or the reverse of ATL marketing 

BTL marketing is a strategy based on something completely opposite to ATL. It is aimed only at selected people who have been identified as potential customers. Popular BTL strategies include direct marketing such as email and social media use, and event sponsorship.  

Unlike ATL, BTL marketing focuses on targeting specific ads to specific people. Communication strategy in this case, it is about ensuring that both the content and its location are in line with the intentions of potential customers as much as possible. BTL differs from ATL marketing also in that it is much more focused on return on investment (ROI), getting an increase in conversion rate, and "measurable" success. Rather than simply increasing brand awareness, BTL aims to physically provide consumers with a product, focusing directly on the user and their needs.  

Characteristics of ATL marketing 

ATL marketing consists of wide-reaching advertising activities aimed at a wide audience. As already mentioned, ATL communication has a purpose brand building and informing customers about the product. The media message reaches everyone who has access to it. Example? TV. The average person watches 4.3 hours of television a day. This data applies to the whole world. TV commercials range from local to national to international audiences, depending on the TV channel and the agreement between the parties. TV commercials appeal to viewers because moving images with sound are more appealing than still images or sound alone.  

ATL marketing also uses the power of radio. According to psychologists, consumers must encounter an advertising message at least three times before it begins to penetrate their consciousness. Radio is therefore an ideal option to meet all the requirements for both frequency and creative advertising. The more so that radio - like television - can have a local, national and international range.

Another platform through which ATL marketing reaches the masses of recipients are printed media. Magazines and newspapers are ideal communication channels to inform customers or potential customers about the brand or its offer. In addition, there are many industry journals, making it easy to target multiple niches directly. Finally, but not the least important for this strategy, outdoor advertising, usually carried out in public places. Well-exposed billboards, banners, etc. have the greater range, the better location they are.  

Advantages of ATL Marketing  

The main advantage of ATL marketing is its wide, nationwide, and even international reach. The nature of this type of messages reaches the recipients well. Media, such as television, use audiovisual material that makes it easier for a company to connect with its audience. Media advertising is also a key tool in defining and implementing brand identity, and this is built by customers. The role of ATL in building the brand is to reach as many potential customers as possible and to communicate creatively with information about the brand and the benefits it can give them. Therefore, this type of marketing plays an integral role in brand building. 

ATL marketing and BTL marketing 

The definitions of both of these marketing approaches were first applied in 1954. This was when Procter & Gamble began paying different companies separately and at a different rate for direct promotional activities and wider advertising campaigns, separating the two approaches. In this way, The Line separates direct marketing from targeted campaigns from the more general and commonplace. It separates campaigns aimed at increasing brand awareness from those aimed at producing direct results and a measurable return on investment. 

Marketing is constantly evolving and the question often arises whether this "line" is not blurring? For example, the massive use of social media nowadays. Does their wide exposure mean that this is the place for ATL? After all, communication through them can also be highly targeted, i.e. BTL. The key to solving this puzzle is to consider the intention and purpose of the action taken. 

ATL marketing in a nutshell

What does ATL marketing mean?

It is a marketing strategy aimed at raising brand awareness and promoting its value. It is widely used throughout the marketing industry and refers to massive, untargeted campaigns.

What characterizes BTL marketing?

Simply put, BTL is the opposite of ATL marketing. It is addressed not to the general public, but to selected people who are the base of the company's potential customers. Most often they involve communication via email and social media.

What are the biggest advantages of ATL marketing?

The biggest advantage of ALT marketing is the reach, which can even be international. Thanks to media advertising, information is able to reach the largest group of recipients, among whom there may be potential customers.

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