34 million a year. How to achieve such great success and develop your brand?


Horyzont Inwestycji is a brand that was created thanks to the consolidation of knowledge and experience of 3 experts. They include Paweł Kuczera, Michał Chimko and Marcin Kuryło. This solid foundation is a guarantee of success. And the numbers prove it. In just a year, the brand became recognizable on the market and gained many customers.

For the owners of the company, the most important thing is the resulting increase in revenues - the year 2021 was closed at the level of PLN 34,000,000. The highest profit that the investor achieved in 2021 thanks to cooperation with Horyzontem Inwestycji was PLN 1,845,000 gross.

About success brands, we talk to the President of the Management Board of Horyzont Inwestycji, Paweł Kuczera.

The overriding strategic goal of the Horyzont Inwestycji brand has been and is to build a competitive advantage. There are many brands on the market that offer services to people interested in investing in real estate. Without what actions it would not be possible?

Paweł Kuczera: As already mentioned, the Horyzont Inwestycji brand was created on the basis of the experience of 3 experts. Each of us had extensive knowledge and experience. The challenge was to combine our resources to work for the company's success. Success, which was to be visible in indicators - the number of inquiries, acquired investors, or ultimately - in profits. They were the basis of our path market analysis and strategy development by cooperation with the Commplace agency.

Strategic workshops led by a Commplace expert were of great help. Let us analyze as well internal and external processes, and thus have a global look at our brand and determine who we want to be, most importantly - and how to get there. Often you can focus too much on operational issues when managing a business. And then the most important goals disappear from our sight - indicators that we considered important and which we want to constantly increase. I must admit that the numbers are of interest to us the most. Why? It's simple - because they are also interested in our clients. The biggest profit ever was achieved with an investment in a few months thanks to cooperation with us, it amounted to PLN 1,845,000 gross.

A strategic approach to business is the foundation of building success. One of the important areas is reaching potential customers and marking your strong position among competitors. How did you manage this?

Paweł Kuczera: Thanks to the jointly developed with the Commplace agency communication strategy and determining through which channels we should reach our recipients (which was not so obvious at the beginning of the road). However, this is not the end - because and yes - we can be visible on the Internet. They can write about us. But we must give direction to this content. To put it simply - we need to conduct a dialogue with potential customers. Understand their problems, challenges, way of thinking. Just like Commplace experts, they understand ours, each time matching solutions to our personality and values. As a result, now our potential customers - through the constant presence of the brand in the industry and top media - are kept informed about our investments, but they also have the opportunity to get to know the brand and its distinguishing features. The creation of the Agency by experts also played a major role here an effective sales strategy and marketing strategywhich included specific tools.

The support of Commplace experts allows you to strengthen the area of business that we know preferably, or simply put - to focus on earning. The most important for us is the increase in revenues, and the year 2021 we closed at PLN 34,000,000.

Does the visibility in the media translate into the success of the Horyzont Inwestycji brand?

Paweł Kuczera: Undoubtedly, which is best evidenced by the numbers. We closed December 2021 alone with 184 free press publications. Our daily presence in the media allows us to show the transparency of our activities. It also enables us to share analyzes, recommendations and best practices with our recipients.

At the moment of starting cooperation with the Commplace agency, Horyzont Inwestycji appeared on the market for the second time, because in a new version - the company was joined by Michał Chimko and Marcin Kuryło. What was a milestone in the company's development?

Paweł Kuczera: It is difficult to define one milestone. The synergy of the tools and marketing techniques used allowed us to take a big step in the development of the company and achieve a strong position after only one year of operation on the market. And among them there are sales support tools, public relations, SEO, SEM, social media, brand architecture and branding. Business scalability and expansion are also important elements that Commplace experts pointed out to us. Personal counseling conducted by Sebastian Kopieja allowed us to combine our vision and goals with the right tools. And the effects are visible primarily in the number of inquiries, which is what we wanted first of all.

We use the marketing tools recommended by Commplace that are consistent with our business goals. The best evidence is the numbers. Last year, we received 1,453 investment inquiries for quotation, i.e. an average of 120 inquiries per month.

The effect of cooperation is the strong position of the Horyzont Inwestycji brand and an increase in inquiries from potential customers and business partners. How do you secure this area, despite so much competition?

Paweł Kuczera: The fact is, the industry's competition is fierce. We observe the actions of our rivals every day. However, we are calm, because together with the Commplace agency we implement and plan further activities that will translate into an increase in the interest of potential customers. We do not operate ad hoc. In the case of the presence on the Internet - an appropriately optimized website is the attitude. An important element is a strategic perspective, which allows us to adapt it to the requirements of the recipients already during the design of the website.

The website is supposed to sell. It has to be visible. Fall in memory. A number of people worked on all these elements - strategists, SEO experts, graphic designers, programmers and copywriters. As a result, our website is not only a source of information about our investments, if a treasury of valuable knowledge related to the industry, but also the first place where a potential customer lands after entering keywords that are important to us in the Google search engine. This is valuable. Especially since we have someone to fight for these positions. However, we do remember about building relationships - advisory workshops with experts and support in creating the concept of networking were helpful here. Effects? We closed the year 2021 with the number of revenues at the level of PLN 34,000,000.

What should a modern website of a brand from the investment sector look like?

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