Vandemoortele - another year of cooperation with Commplace


Vandemoortele, a leading manufacturer of food products in Europe, has extended its cooperation with the Commplace PR agency for another year. The scope of cooperation includes the creation of content and graphics on LinkedIn as well as comprehensive Facebook and Instagram support, including content creation, graphics, moderation and advertising campaigns.

As a result of cooperation with the agency, an increase in reach and engagement of recipients was achieved. The Commplace team has successfully intensified activities on Facebook and Instagram, giving the client exceptional results compared to the competition. How did we get such good results?

We know each other on social media

As part of our cooperation with Vandemoortele, we have created e.g. content and graphics for the LinkedIn platform. Our team of specialists regularly created original content that was tailored to the needs and requirements of the client. – The right strategy on LinkedIn is the key to attracting new customers and building relationships with loyal consumers. Therefore, we are proud to announce that as a result of our work with Vandemoortele, the number of profile views has increased and the level of audience engagement has increased significantly. – says Olga Malinowska-Jaźwicka, PR manager at Commplace, responsible for SM activities.

Comprehensive Facebook and Instagram support is another area we focused on as part of our cooperation with Vandemoortele. We created unique content, graphics, moderated and implemented effective advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. The results of the campaign are very satisfactory, which is confirmed by the numbers and comparison to the activities of the competition. One of the reasons for satisfaction is the growing tendency of audience reach and engagement.

Another element of our work was the creation of content for articles for industry portals at the client's request. We created graphics that were published along with the content, which ensured the awakening of interest in the brand in the online space. The content we created successfully attracted the attention of users, thus contributing to building a positive one brand image on the Web.

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