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Trokotex is a company that offers its clients, among others: highest quality products made of composite. On the one hand, this is possible thanks to the use of the latest technologies and modern machines. The second reason is the qualified and experienced professionals employed in the company. Trokotex job opinions about it suggest that specialists from many industries will find employment here. Also those who are just learning and want to learn from the best in a given field. The company cares about its employees and is constantly developing for them. Among other things, by obtaining external funds and implementing new solutions.

Trokotex work opinions – you will learn everything here

Trokotex is a company whose development goes hand in hand with the development of technology. Therefore, it is able to quickly offer its clients the best solutions for them. These include those based on the use of polyester-glass composite. These factors mean that the company has been successfully operating on an increasingly demanding market for over thirty years. And he doesn't intend to rest on his laurels. Apart from extensive production, the company has many other departments that employ people who want to develop and learn new things. Trokotex work, employees' opinions about employment, emphasize the possibility of continuous development of yourself and your skills. The company's goal is to be a solid and trusted partner for customers and a stable employer for its employees.

Trokotex focuses on new, innovative solutions. Therefore, the gratings manufactured here are made entirely of plastics, which are intended to replace or even eliminate gratings made of steel. Their quality and reliability are confirmed by the results of thorough laboratory tests. It is safe to say that the use of this type of gratings fully eliminates problems such as corrosion and maintenance of the platforms. Working in the company is therefore for those who value the fact that development goes hand in hand with the use of modern technologies.

The company has been building tanks for various types of substances for many years. Trokotex work opinions are reflected in reality. In fact, attention is paid to meeting the specific needs of contractors. The production of industrial tanks, which are intended for each sector of the economy, as well as the specificity of materials, are selected depending on the target purpose of a given tank. Each order is a challenge, and its implementation brings pride and honor to the entire team involved.

Trokotex products are used in construction for the food, shipbuilding, electromechanical, light, chemical and mineral industries. The use of the highest quality materials means that Trokotex tanks can come into contact with even the most aggressive and corrosive substances, but also with food products.

A producer who values the needs of others

Trokotex meets the expectations of the construction industry. Therefore, every effort is made to ensure that the products manufactured here are as light as possible while maintaining the highest strength parameters. This is particularly important in places where grating structures are required, i.e. all types of footbridges, piers, platforms and staircases. Innovative plastic platform gratings, additionally reinforced with glass fiber, are extremely resistant to all types of mechanical damage. Moreover, customers appreciate their durability. They are resistant to moisture, solar radiation and extremely low and high air temperatures.

At Trokotex, work - the opinions emphasize this - takes place in a friendly atmosphere. In a well-coordinated team of specialists, working on innovative projects, it gives a sense of satisfaction from well-performed tasks. The production of composite bars is another aspect of the innovative approach to issues related to the construction industry and the delivery of innovative products. Fiberglass composite rods successfully replace traditional steel rods. What's more, they are definitely better than them. The first factor in favor of composite bars is their resistance to corrosion and damage, which unfortunately cannot be said about steel bars. Moreover, they are definitely cheaper and lighter.

Trokotex – what can you do here?

In addition to the production of high-quality tanks, gratings, airtight covers, reinforcing bars and other unusual composite products, Trokotex also offers a number of services that are extremely important for the entire industry. Trokotex work opinions in individual service departments do not differ significantly from each other. Particularly emphasized elements are the well-being and satisfaction of customers.

What exactly do employees do? The service department deals with solving broadly understood problems related to the operation of various types of devices. Work here is mobile. After preliminary review of the issue, appropriate employees are directed directly to the client to quickly resolve any difficulties.

Trokotex work opinions emphasize the diverse nature of the activities. One of the areas the company deals with is the modernization of tanks, which involves equipping them with additional chemical-resistant lining, making additional connections, and removing leaks. All modernization activities are agreed on an ongoing basis with the Office of Technical Inspection, guaranteeing that the work will be well performed in accordance with applicable guidelines and regulations.

Trokotex specialists are able to effectively modernize any surface using the most modern methods available, i.e. sandblasting, hammering, grinding, etching, scraping, as well as combined methods. Thanks to these actions, you can significantly extend the life of a given device.

Trokotex also employs service technicians who deal with the broadly understood repair of all GRP devices. Importantly, even those produced by other companies. A special requirement in this field is the authorization of the Office of Technical Inspection to repair permanent pressure, non-pressure and low-pressure vessels. An essential element is also the supervision of all activities, including mounting the tank, checking the connections and venting the tank, as well as providing detailed instructions on the proper and safe operation of the device.

Trokotex is a team of qualified professionals whose task is to operate in a strictly defined manner and in accordance with quality standards in force in Europe. A permanent element of each project is a site visit and an assessed scope of work including repair or modernization. Working in this department is also a challenge for brave people, because they often have to take action in the most extreme and extreme conditions, i.e. at heights, in small spaces, or at very low temperatures. The advisor's tasks include full service, including technical issues, selection of appropriate tank parameters, as well as the use of the necessary measurement and control equipment. Trokotex work opinions about it, although it is often a challenge, above all, it brings satisfaction and contentment.

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