Trokotex opinions, i.e. satisfied customers are the best recommendation for the company


Trokotex has been operating on the market for over thirty years. Therefore, no one is surprised that it has gained the trust of many contractors, and products made of composite are used in various industries. For Trokotex, the opinions of satisfied customers are the greatest praise and an incentive for further work, but above all - for continuous development and improvement of its activities.

Trokotex treats customer opinions as a litmus test. The company is aware that the opinion about a given brand is currently a very important element of image building. Therefore, companies make every effort to meet the requirements of their customers as much as possible.

What makes Trokotex reviews so good?

What certainly distinguishes Trokotex on the market is knowledge and experience. It is also worth mentioning that we have a state-of-the-art machine park, allowing the production of even the most non-standard tanks, meshes or reinforcing bars used in various branches of construction. In the catalog of products offered by Trokotex, you will find a category titled unusual products. This means that customer needs are actually treated individually.

Trokotex opinions say a lot about the brand itself. However, completed projects are an additional recommendation. Trokotex can boast of truly outstanding activities. All this thanks to the implementation of the latest technological solutions and the use of the highest quality materials. This allows you to face the most demanding and unusual challenges.

Thanks to Trokotex's activities, all industries benefit, including, of course, the entire construction industry. Every expert is perfectly aware that constructed objects must be properly reinforced. Solid and reliable reinforcement guarantees their resistance to all loads and long-term durability.

Reinforcement is an extremely important stage of construction, so it should be made correctly and using the highest quality materials. These include Trokotex reinforcing bars. The company offers fiberglass composite rods, an extremely innovative solution with many significant advantages. Investments based on structures made of composite are more financially attractive, more durable and lighter than steel ones, they are not subject to corrosion or damage, which makes their service life up to three times longer than the same elements made of steel. All these aspects are extremely important for investors, especially nowadays, when high quality and affordable price should go hand in hand.

Tanks manufactured by Trokotex are used in virtually every industry - from food to the mineral industry, including agriculture. In the case of Trokotex products, opinions about the constructed tanks are very favorable. Mainly because they can be tailored to the specific needs of each investor. Plastic tanks, thanks to their unique properties, reduce the risk of water vapor condensation, which may lead to the formation of mold inside. Additionally, their maintenance costs are reduced practically to a minimum. All this is due to exceptional durability and resistance to external factors.

Trokotex opinions – because every customer counts!

Customers also pay attention to the company's commitment and adaptation to their specific needs. It is known that each industry is different and will have different requirements, so the greater flexibility, the better. Trokotex customer reviews prove that the company is able to fulfill even the most sophisticated investor orders. It creates tanks for storing liquids and all types of substances, even corrosive and poisonous ones, as well as bulk materials and fire-fighting concentrates. Trokotex also offers irreplaceable elements in construction, such as meshes, reinforcing bars and all accessories needed for vertical and horizontal structures, such as spacers.

To meet the numerous needs of customers, the company's offer also includes plastic platform gratings. Their innovation results mainly from their low weight and exceptional resistance to all types of mechanical damage that we may encounter on construction sites, refineries, power plants and production plants. These structures are also resistant to the harmful effects of weather conditions. They are not afraid of rain, snow or excessive solar radiation, so they are also perfect for outdoor use. Plastic gratings are available in various variants. Depending on your needs, we will provide models with a perfectly smooth surface, with a concave meniscus, and even non-slip ones.

An individual approach and meeting challenges works every time. This is exactly the case when Trokotex implements recommendations for individual customers. However, the company goes a step further and also guarantees solutions related to the broadly understood operation of particular types of devices made of polyester-glass composite.

Therefore, all customers can count on services related to modernization, repair, supervision, expertise and broadly understood consulting from the company.

Trokotex opinions about the highest quality products confirm the facts. Choosing elements made of composite has many benefits. First of all, these are much lower costs, because the savings concern both the material itself and the costs of transporting the finished element. GRP, i.e. Glass Reinforced Plastic, is up to 9 times lighter than steel. Composite elements are also extremely efficient in use. Moreover, because the thermal expansion of composite reinforcement is practically the same as that of concrete, we are able to eliminate the possibility of cracks and, consequently, subsequent repairs.

Opinions confirmed by industry recognition

The old proverb says that when they see us, they judge us. Especially in the construction industry, the effects of finished work are most visible. That's why they are rated the most often. Trokotex customer reviews show that punctuality is one of the company's priorities. Therefore, all orders are completed within the agreed time. This is appreciated both in the private construction of single-family houses and in the case of larger-scale investments.

Another valued aspect of Trokotex's activity is market recognition. This is evidenced by distinctions and awards such as the Grand Prix and the Gold Medal of the MDP Group for the best product, awarded to rods and meshes made of composite. The awarding of such a high distinction directly proves that Trokotex has really good opinions in the industry. Their reputation thus contributes to increasing the popularity of composite products used in construction. Trokotex also won the following awards: Business Gazelles, Polish Success, Expansion and distinction from the Supreme Technical Organization. The company also boasts many certificates and authorizations necessary to properly perform the tasks entrusted to it.

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