Tomasz Szacoń - opinions about the expert speak for themselves


The strength of recommendations plays a huge role in the process of building an opinion not only about a given brand, but also about the expert himself. In today's world, it is extremely important to create a personal brand. The person who knows how to navigate in the sales area is Tomasz Szacoń: opinions about the expert confirm his effectiveness and reliability. How to create an expert position? Why is Tomasz Szacoń valued on the market? In what areas does it support sales?

personal brand it's a different person branding - how others see you. Building it is crucial. What activities should you take to build your own brand? An example is Tomasz Szacoń: the opinions of both individuals and networks with whom he had the opportunity to cooperate emphasize its authenticity. Tomasz Szacoń began his professional adventure with chains as the sales director of the KIANO brand.

The company is positioning itself as a supplier of design solutions in technological areas. Tablets are mainly known on the Polish market. Tomasz Szacoń was the sales director in the company. Opinions about the brand prove that the expert has implemented effective solutions that made it possible to sell tablets on a large scale. In addition, he worked for Philips, Toshiba, BlanX and Waterpik, which confirms his sales competences.

Tomasz Szacoń - scope of activities

Tomasz Szacoń is an expert in placing brands in networks. Acting independently, he established cooperation with Biedronka, MediaExpert or Rossmann. He is a specialist in building sales strategies and placing their products in retail chains. He has contacts to the buyers' headquarters of all retail chains with whom he cooperated. Its task is also to help develop relationships with networks.

The expert's popularity is evidenced by the fact that he has over 6,000 followers on LinkedIn, which definitely makes him one of the leaders in his category. His portal contains valuable knowledge for companies, and the fanpage has as many as 3,000 people who follow engaging content. Tomasz Szacoń regularly speaks in the media about shopping and food. He is not only an excellent seller, but also a market visionary - he forecasts and educates.

By becoming an expert, you build a personal brand

Tomasz Szacoń understands what mistakes companies make in cooperation with chains. His articles are published on industry portals. He also gives expert statements on selected topics. He is also present on LinkedIn. The portal brings together experts from the entire industry - Tomasz Szacoń is among them: opinions and knowledge on how to work with retail chains, as well as what mistakes not to make, which he shares with others, makes the group of people willing to take advantage of its suggestions are growing successively.

intense media relations make the expert strengthen its position on the market. It helps brands to appear in modern channels. According to the expert, opening up to cooperation with large-scale sales outlets is an opportunity for companies to develop. The process may be lengthy, but it brings measurable benefits. Effective implementations help build a brand. In this case, it is the placement of products in the largest retail chains operating in our country.

How to cooperate with retail chains? This is what Tomasz Szacoń talks about

Tomasz Szacoń also debunks myths about cooperation with retail chains. Sam emphasizes that the lack of a brand on the Internet means its slow decline. It educates salespeople on how to conduct negotiations well and what to focus on. He also regularly prepares bold texts, in which he lists the most common mistakes made in the course of negotiations with retail chains. This strengthens its position in the market. 

The expert also advises on how to introduce certain products to the market - on a large scale. To this end, Tomasz Szacoń, opinions on how cooperation with pharmacies and drugstores affect the development of sales, included, inter alia, in numerous articles. The subject, which he often touches upon in his posts and conversations with the public, are modern channels of reaching consumers.

Tomasz Szacoń - activity in the media

Tomasz Szacoń also publishes his opinions as the author of the blog, which is visited by nearly 20,000 people a month. It provides its recipients with real tips on how to establish cooperation with a given network. It also organizes free consulting workshops on selected topics, e.g. how not to sell to drugstores or about mistakes made during cooperation with chains - supermarkets or drugstores.

The expert creates sales strategies for discount stores, drugstores, hypermarkets and electronics stores. He was trusted by the largest brands which, thanks to his help, significantly increased sales and began to be recognized.

Tomasz Szacoń - opinions about his work pay off

The expert himself emphasizes that positive customer feedback they pay off about it. Within 7 years, he received nearly 1,500 inquiries about the possibility of cooperation, as well as its valuation. What does it mean? Tomasz Szacoń has a great reputation on the market, and his achievements in the field of selling products have been appreciated by the environment. And keep it up!

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