Recevent: opinions and facts about OOH advertising


One of the companies operating on the OOH (Out-of-Home) market is Recevent. The opinions of brand experts indicate that despite the era of digitization, the outdoor advertising market is developing, and new carriers appear in the public space. Companies use it to promote products and services or support employer branding campaigns. In addition, the statistics speak for themselves - the value of this sector reached USD 31 billion in 2021, and forecasts indicate that by 2024 it will increase to as much as USD 42.8 billion. Data from the latest analysis shows that the OOH industry closed the year 2022 with a result of $ 40.2 billion.

What are the key facts about the market according to Recevent? Experts' opinions are unanimous - the increase in popularity does not only apply to traditional OOH, but also to the dynamically developing form of advertising - Digital OOH. The use of modern technologies, interactive screens and targeting allows for even greater effectiveness in reaching the target audience. These numbers and market trends clearly show that OOH is an extremely important element of the media mix for many brands.

Recevent – opinions on the effectiveness of outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising consists of a number of activities that, as a result, are aimed at promoting the brand. And what to pay attention to, says Recevent. Experts' opinions are unanimous: cyclical campaigns should be carried out, communication tailored to the target group, media planning should be created. Importantly, OOH advertising is an extremely effective marketing tool that allows you to reach a wide audience. Billboards located in strategic locations attract the attention of passers-by, drivers and travelers, creating a lasting impression and increasing brand awareness. Recurring campaigns can last a week, 2 weeks, a month, a quarter or a year. Importantly, the exchange of messages on the boards takes place within 24 hours, and the company provides full support throughout the entire process.

Recevent – opinions on OOH media planning

What is OOH media planning? In the process of planning advertising campaigns, a key stage is careful media planning and selecting the best locations for advertising media. Recevent knows this. Opinions about the effectiveness of their campaigns are positive. The company knows how important it is to carefully place ads, which is why it relies on detailed analyzes of data obtained from mobile applications. Their approach to media planning is based on precise studies of traffic intensity among both drivers and pedestrians in strategic communication routes. Thanks to this, it can indicate the best locations of advertising media that will ensure maximum reach and effectiveness of each campaign. Thanks to the use of advanced analytical tools and extensive expert knowledge, it ensures the effectiveness of the campaign.

Advertising in European markets with Recevent: opinions and facts

The developed OOH advertising markets in Western Europe are dominated by consolidated structures. Associations are formed in the industry that care about common interests and the development of this advertising segment. In order to undertake effective advertising activities, specific knowledge or ... a proven partner is necessary. That's Recevent. The opinions of its experts indicate that cooperation between companies operating in the OOH area in a given country is extremely important. Membership in associations translates into the quality of services provided. Thanks to such cooperation, centralized and automated media rental management is possible.

Recevent recommends the best solutions 

How can Recevent be defined? Opinions are as follows: it is one of the leaders of the OOH market in Poland. It has 5,000 advertising media in a nationwide network, and traditional OOH is supplemented with digital screens and non-standard advertising forms such as: billdoors, areas in and on trains and buses, mobile boards. Among the services can be mentioned OOH-DOOH-TOOH. How does the company work? At the beginning, mapping takes place, i.e. searching for the best location to place an ad. The next step is to recommend carriers. And what are the most effective according to Recevent? Opinions are divided. Customers can choose from billboard, citylight, transit OOH, DOOH. It all depends on the advertising goals and the company's business environment.

One thing is for sure. OOH ensures an increase in sales of the advertised products and services visible immediately after the campaign is pasted, as well as an increase in brand recognition.

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