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House heating based on modern methods heat pumps is gaining an increasing number of supporters. They evaluate not only the environmental friendliness of this type of solutions, but also the guaranteed return on investment. The number of installed heat pumps, i.e. heating devices that obtain energy from natural sources - most often from the ground, air or surface water - increases significantly every year. It is important that when choosing a heat pump, you should not only consider the price, but primarily the technical parameters of the device and the technology used. Get to know the latest ranking of heat pumps and decide which solution will work best in your home.

Why are heat pumps currently the most frequently chosen method of home heating?

Using heat pumps is extremely simple, and the possibility of drawing energy from natural sources is extremely tempting. A wide selection of this type of devices on the market allows us to perfectly select the size and power of the heat pump to suit our needs and capabilities. The size of the house, the possibility of placing the heat pump in a separate room and using the device for both heating and cooling rooms - these are all factors that determine the choice of a specific model.

Becoming independent from electricity suppliers is becoming a standard of modern construction. Although purchasing and installing a heat pump is a serious investment, a wide selection of models allows you to find the perfect solution for any home - both those that are already standing and those that are being built as a project.

Heat pumps are a great idea not only for home savings, but also for improving energy efficiency and fighting to reduce the amount of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere. Although their purchase involves a significant investment, this type of solutions are co-financed by government programs such as Clean Air. Before choosing a specific heat pump, it is worth checking whether the model meets the program requirements.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a heat pump?

Choosing a good quality, reliable and economical heat pump is quite a challenge. The first criterion of our choice should be the type of pump we intend to install. We can choose from "air-air", "air-water", "water-water", "ground-air" and "ground-water" devices. Heat pumps using energy from the ground require serious interventions in the ground around the house, and "water-water" pumps use water from deep wells, which is often a major barrier and ultimately narrows the field of choice. Air-to-air heat pumps collect heat from solar energy and use it to heat or cool the air inside the building. The same applies to air-water heat pumps. External heat is also used to heat domestic water. In terms of infrastructure, the devices function successfully with standard low-temperature radiators as well as with an underfloor heating system.

A technical indicator that is worth taking into account when choosing a specific heat pump is, among others: COP (Coefficient of Performance), i.e. the ratio of the heat obtained to the electricity needed to produce it. The higher the COP value, the greater the efficiency of the heat pump. No less important is the thermal power of a given pump. Each building and room has different heating needs that a given heat pump will have to meet. Another important factor that will help us narrow down our choice is whether we want to use the heat pump only for heating or also for cooling rooms as part of an existing system. air conditioning.

To be able to use the selected heat pump effectively, before purchasing it, it is also worth paying attention to whether a given model works effectively at very low external temperatures and selecting the model to the conditions that we can actually provide it with. For many customers, another extremely important factor in the operation of a heat pump is the noise level it generates, so when purchasing it is also worth paying attention to the number of decibels emitted by a specific device.

Which heat pumps are leading in the popularity rankings?

Analyzing industry rankings, internet forums and research results of heating technology specialists, it can be seen that the Polish market is dominated by "monobloc" heat pumps that use the power of air in inverter technology. This type of solution automatically adjusts the device's capabilities to our current heat demand. Investors who decide to purchase a heat pump usually want to use the device for both heating and cooling rooms, as well as heating domestic water. Comprehensive all-in-one solutions are not only more profitable, but also significantly reduce our carbon footprint in the natural environment.

Although heat pumps are chosen primarily because of their functionality, many people also pay attention to the appearance of the device casing. No wonder - the shape of the heat pump affects, among other things, to reduce vibrations and the level of emitted noise. Moreover, a compact device is easier to fit into the usually very limited dimensions of "technical" rooms.

Another important factor determining the choice of a specific solution is an intelligent, clear and intuitive system monitoring the operation of the heat pump. Thanks to this, we maintain full control over energy consumption, which significantly increases the comfort of use.

De Dietrich heat pumps

The premium class of heat pumps available on the Polish market is opened by De Dietrich products. This French brand stands for over 300 years of tradition in creating innovative solutions in the metallurgical industry. It's hard to find a company with such a rich tradition on the market. It is this experience and focus on the quality of the products that have made De Dietrich not only a leader on the local market, but also a reliable partner in the international arena.

De Dietrich heat pumps are distinguished primarily by the modern solutions used, including: inverter technology and scroll compressors. Customers around the world primarily appreciate the brand's wide range of both heat pumps and other heating solutions.

The list of De Dietrich heat pumps with the highest ratings in the heating market rankings begins with:

1. Alazio S series heat pumps

Modern air-water heat pumps, where all the equipment together with the hot water tank are enclosed in one, neat and compact housing. They come in several variants of modulated thermal power. They provide an efficient heating and cooling system all year round. They are equipped with a modern, intelligent control console, which, together with a system of sensors, allows for automatic response to current needs.

2. Alazio M series heat pumps

Modern and economical air-water monoblocks with a design refined in every detail. They consist of an outdoor unit and an indoor module, but their installation does not require special F-gas licenses. They are suitable for any type of construction. They operate quietly and efficiently even at external temperatures of -20°C. As standard, they have the option of reverse circulation (cooling rooms with underfloor heating). Additionally, the power of all units in this series is modulated.

3. Strateo R32 series heat pumps

This is a modern, ecological and integrated "air-water" equipment in the "All-in-one" system with a DHW tank with an increased capacity of 190 liters. Thanks to the highest efficiency class, it guarantees the highest efficiency and durability of the structure. The entire system can be controlled online using a smartphone or tablet.

4. GSHP series heat pumps

Heat pumps of the highest energy class that obtain heating energy from the ground (horizontal and vertical collectors) or groundwater. The system is extremely quiet and almost invisible from the outside. It is distinguished by a high COP coefficient, thanks to which it allows you to save up to 80% energy.

5. Elensio series heat pumps

Thermodynamic heat pumps for domestic hot water, which are used only to heat domestic water. They are distinguished by their compactness and extremely quiet operation. Moreover, thanks to the use of a natural refrigerant, this type of devices are extremely environmentally friendly.

6. Modena series heat pumps

Air-water inverter monoblocks with single- or three-phase power supply. They are distinguished by easy and simple installation and high efficiency in both heating, cooling and water heating mode. Thanks to its modularity, the pump allows for operation in a cascade of up to 6 heat pumps. It allows you to manage the system with up to 32 weather curves and work in two silence level modes, eco mode and holiday mode.

7. HPI S series heat pumps

An exceptionally efficient air-water system that adjusts the power depending on your needs. It allows the 30% to save energy compared to traditional heat pumps. The device is distinguished by its elegant design and excellent acoustic insulation. It allows operation of up to 8 heat pumps in a cascade.

8. Climp'up Smart series heat pumps

It is one of the quietest air conditioners on the market with a sound pressure level of only 20 dB(A). Offers high seasonal performance for both cooling and heating. It uses environmentally safe R32 refrigerant. Equipped with a self-cleaning system, it prevents the spread of germs and bacteria.

9. Auriga A series heat pumps

Interverter "air-water" monoblocks with single- or three-phase power supply, available in 5 models from 4 to 16 kW. Designed by the British brand BAXI with maximum environmental protection in mind. They allow for operation of up to 6 heat pumps in a cascade.

10. Platinum BC Smart R32 series heat pumps

Designed by the British brand BAXI, compact air-water heat pumps of the Split Inverter type. They are equipped with an internal unit working with the ecological coolant R32. They are suitable for installation even in very limited spaces - especially in apartments and houses up to 200 square meters.

The De Dietrich brand has been present in Poland relatively recently. Nevertheless, the efficiency and quality of products, credibility and rich tradition of the brand, comprehensive service and attractive warranty conditions (5 years from the moment of installation, not purchase), as well as relatively low prices of premium products will certainly quickly increase the popularity of this manufacturer's solutions in Poland. market.

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