Rab-Dom among Commplace customers


Another company from the construction chemicals industry has joined the group of clients: Rab-Dom. Commplace experts will be responsible for the design and implementation of the website and store.

There are two main areas among Commplace's tasks at the first stage of cooperation. The first one includes a store facelift, or more precisely - a design and its implementation. The second area is the new website dedicated to the PZN brand, of which Rab-Dom is the exclusive distributor for the whole of Poland. As part of the tasks, as in the case of the store, Commplace will be responsible both for the design of the site and its subsequent implementation.

- The Rab-Dom company has been operating since 2013. Since then, five stationary stores of this brand have been created and an online store at Our offer includes products from categories such as construction and renovation, home and garden, automotive, household chemicals, but also health and safety. We closely monitor the market and our customers. S.volI demand a decision to cooperate with the Commplace agency. It will help us refresh the online store, thus influencing the experience of our potential customers, as well as professionally present PZN products by preparing a separate website - says Adam Fiedor, owner of the Rab-Dom brand.

Bartosz Zieliński from Commplace adds:

As the report "E-commerce in Poland 2021" shows, as many as 77% internet users use online stores. Almost 1/3 of us order more products online than before the pandemic. This confirms the fact that brands that focus on development should launch activities in accordance with the "digital first" principle, because there are no borders in the network. However, it is worth noting that the mere existence of a store or website is not enough. One should also remember about the UX area. Our experience shows that improving the customer experience and, for example, the speed of the website on mobile devices, significantly contributes to sales conversion. And these are the goal for us already at the design stage of the website.

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