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OOH advertising in Poland is evolving dynamically, reflecting changing consumer habits and technological progress. What does one of the market leaders,, think about this - the opinions of its experts are that the industry has rebounded after the difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, more and more companies are investing in OOH. Why? This advertising is less invasive than internet promotion and is highly effective. What are the development prospects for the entire industry in the coming year?

According to Statista, by the end of 2022, outdoor advertising spending amounted to over $39 billion worldwide. This means a rebound after the decline in the previous year caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. However, it is forecast that the OOH market will grow in the coming years. Estimated global expenditure by the end of 2024 will amount to USD 45 billion. What does think about this - the opinions of its experts are unanimous. The OOH market is doing well and is a significant channel supporting sales and employer branding activities.

How to define outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising (OOH) refers to all visual advertising media located outside the home, outdoors. Examples of OOH media formats include:

  • digital and non-digital billboards,
  • promotional messages at bus stops and advertisements in means of transport,
  • advertisements focused on specific places, e.g. stadiums or public buildings.

Billboards are often placed on busy roads. They are among the most effective OOH formats due to their size and exposure to consumers. What does think about this? The opinions of its experts are that the market is changing.

With the development of new technologies, previously unknown formats appear. OOH is associated with large billboards along routes. Currently, in urban space we can find DOOH, i.e. advertising on supermarket doors, or transit advertising found in public transport. Modern messaging is based on interaction with users. It often uses geolocation to better reach consumers with its message. – opinions about outdoor advertising in 2024

What does think about outdoor advertising in 2024? The opinions of its experts are that it will be a good year. Local elections will be held in Poland, which may contribute to growth on the OOH market.

 - This year, elections to the Sejm and Senate took place, and as a result, we observed an increase in interest in selected external media. Candidates for MPs and senators eagerly advertised at bus stops, on billboards and on banners. And although local government elections are less popular, I believe that they will influence the development of OOH in Poland – explains Sylwia Krysik from

How will the outdoor advertising market evolve? By going digital or gradually replacing physical advertising with digital formats, media buyers can offer potential customers a wide range of exciting new features such as brighter colors, movement and ad variety.

What does think about this? Expert opinions are that OOH advertising is definitely worth the attention of every company that wants to use the best advertising channels for its brand. The development of digital OOH is one of the key developments driving this sector.

Digital screens are now an important part of OOH advertising, helping with everything from optimization to personalization of campaigns. Other developments, such as real-time inventory purchasing and greater visibility into ad location, have also fueled the growth of outdoor media.


What factors will influence the even greater development of Experts' opinion is that it will definitely be technological progress. According to experts on market development new data analysis methods will also have an impact. One thing is certain: OOH is a perfect way to advertise our company, and the market itself will develop and evolve strongly.

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