A new client in the portfolio of the PR Commplace Agency - the Contec brand


To the wide range of clients it serves PR agency Commplace, the Contec brand joined. Contec experts together with scientists from the Warsaw University of Technology have developed a new generation technology based on the pyrolysis process, i.e. the anaerobic decomposition of organic substances. This is another client specializing in providing modern solutions in the Commplace portfolio.

We chose Commplace because we needed a strong partner who would comprehensively support us in the development of the brand using its resources and a strong team - says Krzysztof Wróblewski, Contec.

We are glad that another brand has trusted our experience and knowledge. Modern solutions offered by the company should go hand in hand with modern solutions in the area of marketing. That is why we have a lot of space to present our proposals and indicate the right directions - explains Bartosz Zieliński, Managing Director at the Commplace agency.

As part of cooperation with the Contec brand PR agency Commplace will be responsible for three areas: preparation of the marketing strategy, branding and implementation of the new version of the website. First of them - marketing strategy will allow you to choose the right tools and communication channels to the requirements of the target group. This is the key point from which Commplace PR Agency starts cooperation with many clients. The preparation of the strategy determines further steps, which ultimately make up the entire sales path. Another area - branding it will allow the brand to stand out on the market and effectively communicate its values and goals. The closing of the activities will be the design and implementation of a new website.

As Bartosz Zieliński says: - We combine the knowledge of our specialists. That is why we engage experts from several internal teams to implement the projects of the new website. The knowledge and experience of the graphic design, website design and SEO departments will allow - thanks to the synergy effect - to obtain not only visual effects, but also make the website work to gain recipients from the moment of implementation.

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