Another client in the Commplace portfolio: Neptun Energy


Another company specializing in photovoltaics and heat pumps has joined the group of Commplace customers.

As its representative, Szymon Masło, says: Neptun Energy is a company consisting of the most experienced specialists. Many years of work with renewable energy sources allowed us to gain the necessary knowledge that we can share with our customers today.

Solar panels are currently one of the best ways to provide yourself with a good source of electricity - they are fully ecological, and at the same time allow you to save up to 90%. The high reliability of the heat pumps they offer, combined with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty, allow you to enjoy a warm home without any involvement of its residents in the ongoing operation or service of the pump. This system requires virtually no supervision by the owner.

However, this industry is constantly evolving, hence the need to develop an appropriate strategy by experts from Commplace.

As Bartosz Zieliński says:

Marketing strategy is essential in running any business. Why? It helps to reach the target group. Make contact with her. And finally, encourage them to take a specific action. The lack of a strategy makes the brand blur among competitors. Loses visibility. Thus - giving a part of the "cake" to the other players. Considering the current changes on the photovoltaic market, many people are asking themselves in what direction the market will continue to develop and what changes it requires. That's why it's so important to be prepared for different scenarios.

At Commplace, we know that it all starts with a good strategy. That is why it was one of the tasks we carried out for the Neptun Energy brand.

- Our role is to show what the Neptun Energy brand does better than the competition and to communicate why it is worth cooperating with it - adds Zieliński.

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