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Is it worth using renewable energy?


Solar energy has a bright future ahead of it! As experts from KOBO ENERGY – opinions industry and market are clear. The future of the energy sector must be based on renewable, environmentally neutral and accessible to everyone energy sources. Numerous research and scientific projects are currently being conducted to further reduce the cost of photovoltaic installations while increasing their efficiency.

Why are the opinions of energy malcontents so important to KOBO ENERGY?

Making people aware of the benefits of using renewable energy is the brand's mission KOBO ENERGY. Opinions that photovoltaic installations are an expensive, ineffective and uneconomic business, it is very easy to disprove.

Contrary to popular opinion, the installation and maintenance of energy-generating installations using natural sources is neither complicated nor unprofitable. What's more, in many countries this type of power supply is becoming the cheapest source of energy. In addition, the power of the sun and wind can be used almost anywhere on Earth. The future of the energy sector must be based on renewable sources KOBO ENERGY. Opinions industry are ruthless!

Currently, Poland is in the phase of energy transformation. And although we are far from basing the entire economy on renewable energy sources, we are more and more boldly reaching for such solutions. The use of solar or wind energy is not only socially acceptable, but also desirable and appreciated. Many businesses are starting to build the image of their brands based on all more or less pro-ecological activities. The number of people for whom the aspect of care for the natural environment is crucial when making purchasing decisions is growing.

More and more companies, noticing this trend and looking at the undoubted economic benefits, decide to install photovoltaic panels. The company, deciding on this type of investment, additionally gains self-sufficiency, which is important in such uncertain times - emphasize specialists KOBO ENERGY. Opinionsthat investments in ecological solutions are becoming a necessity, are becoming more and more common. The conclusion is simple: it is worth investing in installations that guarantee high efficiency and reliability for years.

KOBO ENERGY: opinions about energy sources have changed over the years

In the past, it seemed natural that electricity was obtained only by burning fossil fuels. This involved the extraction of hard coal, lignite, crude oil and natural gas. Because these fuels were "part of the Earth", as compounds formed over millions of years from dead plant remains, they were treated for a long time as an inexhaustible source of energy. Unfortunately, time has significantly changed this perspective. Man began to consume more and more energy, and sources of conventional fuels began to gradually run out. In addition, it turned out that these sources were non-renewable. Be aware that sooner or later the resources obtained from them will run out.

It was also understood that coal-based energy is not indifferent to our environment. Both its extraction and combustion have an adverse effect. Hundreds of hectares of natural landscapes and ecosystems were being destroyed behind each open-pit mine. But what had really serious long-term effects went unnoticed for a long time. And yet, over hundreds of years, harmful dust and huge amounts of carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide and other pollutants have been released into the atmosphere. We can see the effects today in the form of previously unimaginable climate changes and global warming of the Earth's surface.

Therefore, the search for alternative sources of energy began. All eyes turned to uranium. Its resources are much greater, but the most important problem has become radioactive waste, which must be properly stored for tens of thousands of years so that it does not emit deadly radiation.

And as usual, nature itself came to the rescue, offering safe, inexhaustible, ecological and environmentally neutral energy sources. Wind, sun, water and geothermal energy, although they have been with us for years, we noticed their energy potential relatively late.

Opinions on RES are unambiguous today!

As experts from KOBO ENERGY – opinions scientists and engineers are clear: the sun is the most important renewable energy source today. The sun's rays can be easily, quickly and cheaply converted into electricity using photovoltaic cells.

Renewable energy sources not only allow us to take better care of the natural environment in which we live, but also provide us with greater energy independence. By choosing a photovoltaic installation, we are, in a way, an independent energy producer. Having our own mini-power plant, we do not have to worry about constantly increasing prices from electricity suppliers, experts note KOBO ENERGY. Opinionsthat solar energy is expensive is a myth! Currently, the prices of installing photovoltaic panels are much lower than a dozen or so years ago. In addition, there are still a number of various programs and projects under which we can obtain additional funding without having to comply with any complicated formalities. We bear the costs only at the beginning of the adventure with photovoltaics. The very production and use of electricity obtained from solar energy does not involve any additional costs.

The planet needs it! Basic advantages of a photovoltaic installation

Producing energy from the sun has several important advantages: it is environmentally neutral, relatively abundant, renewable and available to everyone! In addition, it is highly adaptable, i.e. some of the panels can power small electronics, some can be used in heat pumps, some can be used to power cars, and some can be put aside for less sunny days or sold to energy supply companies. Photovoltaic panels are not only free electricity. By supplying it to the heat pump, we can effectively heat the house and water.

By producing electricity using photovoltaic panels, we can save a lot. The principle of their operation is simple, experts emphasize KOBO ENERGY. Opinionsthat it is magical secret knowledge is another myth. Photovoltaic cells mounted on roofs or other free space, used to receive photons, collect energy from the sun and convert it to a standard 230V voltage, which then goes to electrical sockets in our house. Solar panels are actually silicon semiconductor plates inside which the electromagnetic field accumulates.

Without the sun, there would be no life on Earth, and solar energy is the easiest to process and the most ergonomic way of obtaining energy for human needs. Photovoltaic systems are constantly being improved. The awareness of society is growing and more and more people are learning how to use natural energy sources even better for their own needs. We have learned not only to produce energy in a more environmentally friendly way, but also to save energy by taking small steps: using more efficient electrical devices and using them in a more rational way.

The advantages of a photovoltaic installation that you do not see, but are extremely important

Using solar energy, we do not emit harmful exhaust fumes into the atmosphere, which have a merciless impact on the quality of the air we breathe. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions, which is the result of burning fossil fuels, also has an impact on the greenhouse effect, the effect of which we can observe especially in recent years - experts note KOBO ENERGY. Opinionsthat we can still function like this have long been overthrown. On the contrary. Many experts emphasize that if we do not change our behavior now, in a moment it may be too late to save.

Another unwanted "child" of the energy policy implemented so far is smog, i.e. concentrations of dangerous dusts that are harmful to health, which are formed as a result of the combustion of fossil fuels. In Poland alone, 100,000 people die from it every year. Replacing traditional boilers with a system of photovoltaic panels can really save our civilization!

KOBO ENERGY: opinions about photovoltaics motivate us to act!

KOBO ENERGY operates comprehensively. It specializes in both the design and implementation of non-standard installations. 2010 is the year of birth KOBO ENERGY. Opinions about the profitability of using renewable energy were different at that time. Over the years, the brand has gained extensive experience and willingly shares its knowledge on the proper use of renewable energy.

When considering an investment in the installation of solar panels, it is worth bearing in mind that this type of investment will pay for itself in just a few years. Subsidy programs allow you to obtain additional funding, so the total cost can really be relatively small, especially considering what is currently happening on the energy market in terms of prices.

 The location of the photovoltaic cell system is of great importance for the efficiency of the photovoltaic system. It is obvious that it is best to choose the sunniest place to install the panels. Most often they are installed on the roofs of buildings or on the ground, in places where nothing covers the installation. The links should be facing south and slightly inclined at an angle of 35 degrees. It is worth remembering that in autumn and winter insolation in Poland is much lower and we will be able to obtain only a small percentage of energy compared to the summer months. It is therefore worth properly storing the previously collected solar energy. Thanks to our own warehouses, we can collect energy at the place of its production. In this way, we will avoid additional costs related to the transmission of energy from the grid.

As experts point out KOBO ENERGY, reviewsthat solar panels are somehow dangerous is untrue. They do not produce any dangerous and toxic fumes, gases or waste. The only by-product of a home solar energy system is cheap and clean electricity.

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