How to build a premium brand and increase sales?

A new client from the heating industry - Unico

We know very well that the world of premium brands, to which Unico belongs, requires a special approach to the subject of marketing and PR. It's a world where details sell and seduce customers. Our new challenge was to create a fireplace brand development strategy, with an emphasis on increasing sales at the same time. In addition, we supported the brand in the process of creating a strategy for introducing a new product to the market.

About the Unico brand

The Unirol company, which has been the owner of the brand since 1988, operates in the heating sector. The Unico brand has been on the market for over 30 years. The company started from providing installation and construction services, but over time it has evolved into a well-known and significant supplier of products and services related to ecological heating systems on the Lower Silesian market.

The breakthrough moment was the year 2000. It was then that the company started to implement solutions in the fireplace industry. Fireplace inserts of prestigious foreign companies were imported and distributed. Then, based on the experience gained, in 2002 started our own production of Unico steel fireplace inserts with chamotte lining (air and water jacket).

All products sold by the company, both imported and manufactured, are marked with its own, well-recognized logo: Unico. And the main motto of the brand is the slogan "The difference is quality".

How to build a premium brand?

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Challenges for Commplace

Our main task was to create a sales growth strategy based on the existing and new ones communication channels used by Unico. As part of the strategy, communication, competition, marketing materials and SEO audits were carried out. In addition, we also looked at the proposal of a new product that the brand intends to introduce to the market in the near future. We verified the demand for a given solution, seasonality and analyzed the competition's offers - both on the Polish and German markets. A supplementary activity was the implementation of the "mystery shopper" service, which resulted in the verification of the level of knowledge and customer service.

Premium brand

The scope of cooperation

Only the right strategy will allow you to achieve success.

Ambitious goals and challenges required the involvement of a wide group of Commplace specialists. Therefore, to work with the client, we have appointed a dedicated team of internal experts - SEO, analysis, copywriting and image building departments.

Our tasks include:

Verification of the company's current activities (audit and analysis)

This is the activity with which we start working on a new strategy. Commplace experts analyze the brand's activities to date. As a result, we have full information about the quality and quantity of activities.

Verification of the activities of the current competition (on the Polish and German markets)

Audit of competitors' activities allows you to determine the position of the brand in comparison to the competition. In addition, it gives us the opportunity to verify the strengths and weaknesses of the brand. Thanks to this, we obtain full information about the communication channels used, systematic action or special actions conducted by the competition.

Verification of competitors' activities in the area of a new product (on the Polish and German markets)

In this case, an audit of competitors' activities allows you to create a precise and effective plan for introducing a new product to the market. It is also an opportunity to compare individual aspects related to the product (price, specification) and marketing activities carried out by the competition.

SEO audit

The SEO audit carried out by Commplace includes website analysis. Its goal is to better position services on the web. It is also designed to detect and eliminate errors and select those areas that slow down the website or make it difficult for it to achieve better positions in the Google search engine.

Audit of marketing materials

The audit of marketing materials covers all visual and communication materials that the brand uses to create messages. These include, among others: graphics presented in social media, information brochures, leaflets and company presentations.

Preparation of a coherent and comprehensive communication strategy

Communication strategy it is a plan to achieve communication goals. It may concern internal communication, external communication and public relations. The communication strategy consists of four main elements: communication objectives, audience, communication plan and channels.

Preparation of a name proposal for a new brand.

The name should reflect the features of the product and its use, and at the same time be remembered by recipients.

Selection of appropriate media (in the prepared strategy)

Each time we select media that will allow us to reach potential recipients of our client's offer. This is why our actions are so effective.

Commplace recommended products and tools

The tools and products that we will use to achieve our goals include:

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