Innology – the company's opinions on obtaining EU funds

Innology opinions, obtaining grants may be easier

Over PLN 700 million in subsidies for innovation and R&D. 10 years of experience on the market. The title of Effectiveness Leader in R&D projects according to the European Funds Magazine. This is how you can briefly define the consulting company Innology. The opinions of its experts are extremely important for all deep-tech companies that want to apply for EU funds and intend to participate in the most competitive grant programs in Poland and Europe (SMART path, EIC Accelerator). How does Innology (formally PMG R&D Consulting psa) work? How does it support the development of start-ups in our country? More on this in the post below.

According to the subsidy map, 298,856 EU projects with a total value of PLN 1,204,301,984,517.13 have been implemented in Poland. The co-financing from the European Union amounted to PLN 712,977,923,212.87*. Companies willingly use EU funds. You do not need to know how to obtain a subsidy. There are professional consulting companies on the market that will help in the preparation of application documentation and effectively guide you through the entire process of obtaining and settling EU subsidies. One of them is Innology: reviews and experience of the company are invaluable support for companies. In particular, for deep-tech start-ups that want to raise funds for the development of their technologies.

Innology – your partner in obtaining EU funds

Innology is a company that offers deep-tech companies assistance in receiving EU funds. It guarantees advisory support in the process of developing a financing strategy using EU funds and shaping the project concept. It also helps adapt it to the requirements of a specific grant program, and then prepares application documentation and settles the awarded funds. Why clients choose cooperation with Innology: the opinions of the company's experts and their assistance in obtaining EU funds cannot be overestimated. Having been present on the consulting market for over 13 years and obtaining EU funds for innovation and R&D, they have participated in several hundred projects. By cooperating with both the largest and most important companies in the country, as well as start-ups implementing the most bold and ambitious projects in Poland and Europe.

The group of Innology clients includes the most innovative Polish start-ups. These are, for example, Curiosity Diagnostics, Blees, Kp Labs or the Human Biome Institute. What do they think about Innology? Opinions indicate that it is a team of high-class experts who effectively obtain grants for R&D projects, who know the specifics of these projects very well, have extensive experience and, moreover, are highly professional.

Innology opinions on obtaining grants

Satisfied customers with millions of support

Innology is mainly interested in start-ups and deep-tech projects, including life science, space, mobility, clean-tech, agritech and AI. The company has helped many entities in these sectors to raise funds. An example is Curiosity Diagnostics. For the project "An innovative system for ultra-fast molecular diagnostics of nosocomial infections in the Pointof-Care format” the company raised PLN 5,620,431.67. Another example is GK Maspex. How did Innology help in this case? Customer opinions leave no illusions: the expert knowledge of the company's representatives was extremely valuable. Thanks to her, the Maspex Capital Group received a total of PLN 45,384,791.67 in funding for three R&D projects.

Innology – customer reviews are the best recommendation

What do customers think about Innology? The opinions speak for themselves. The Management Board of KP Labs appreciates the team's commitment to cooperation, as well as the diligence with which the team performed tasks at every stage of the project. The company also appreciates the fact that Innology's advisors took full responsibility for the preparation of the EU application and performed the entrusted task professionally. – Innology advisors are an interdisciplinary team of qualified specialists with extremely high competences in the field of research and development projects. The commitment with which Innology performed its work undoubtedly translated into the success of our project. Innology advisors also conducted a training to prepare us for the pre-panel and expert panel, providing us with valuable tips, which also had a significant impact on the success of our project – says Krzysztof Pacan, President of the Management Board of KP Labs.

What other customers say about Innology? The opinions of the Blees management board are another example of appreciating the competence of the advisory team. – Innology advisors were responsible for coordinating the work of the consortium - which also included the Silesian University of Technology - and preparing the application for funding. At every stage of the project, we could count on professional advice, and Innology consultants were at our full disposal, which ensured efficient communication, exchange of information and enabled the preparation of the application at a very high level. In addition, the advisors conducted a training to prepare us for the meeting with the Panel of Experts, which is part of the application evaluation – enumerates Dariusz Poloński, President of the Management Board of Blees. – Based on our cooperation, we recommend Innology as a reliable, well-organized and effective consulting company that provides professional advice and assistance in obtaining grants for research and development projects he concludes.

Innology opinions on the possibility of obtaining grants

Innology - opinions are one thing, check how your company can benefit from cooperation

What does the offer of Innology look like? Opinions of satisfied customers often emphasize how important it is for them that the company comprehensively supports the process of applying for EU subsidies. It provides assistance already at the stage of selecting sources of financing, and also checks what subsidy programs are available. He assesses the potential of investments in terms of chances for co-financing in a given competition and advises on optimizing project parameters and in terms of selection criteria. Innology also provides consultancy at the application stage. The company prepares the documentation, coordinates the work of the team that co-creates the substantive descriptions and is responsible for the preparation of the application. It also conducts trainings preparing for a meeting with a panel of experts during the substantive assessment. Innology also advises on the settlement of co-financing. For this purpose, it prepares relevant documents and represents clients in contacts with the implementing institution.

Innology is an effective company that will guide you through the process of obtaining funding from the beginning to the settlement of the project.


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