Another client – the FORTISPLANT brand: a revolution in organic farming

We announce the beginning of cooperation with the FORTISPLANT brand

We are pleased to announce the commencement of cooperation with the FORTISPLANT brand, formerly known as the Polawix brand. This unique partnership opens up a wide field of activity for us, in which we will use our experience to support the brand in its pursuit of success.

About the FORTISPLANT Brand (formerly Polawix)

FORTISPLANT is a brand that emphasizes ecological solutions in agriculture and horticulture. Over the years of expertise and research, we have managed to create a unique product - POLAWIX. It is crushed flour that improves soil quality and affects plant growth. The products are diverse, adapted to different types of plants, and can be used as a universal fertilizer. Importantly, POLAWIX releases minerals gradually throughout the year. In addition, it protects plants against diseases and pests in a way that is safe for consumers.

Evolution in the method of fertilization

In Poland, farmers and gardeners are looking for solutions that will not only increase crop productivity, but also be consistent with the idea of sustainable agriculture. It is in this context that the method of fertilization becomes crucial. FORTISPLANT products offer ecological, certified solutions that influence the quality and health of plants in a way consistent with nature.

We announce the beginning of cooperation with the FORTISPLANT brand

The impact of website and branding on the brand

Cooperation with the Commplace agency is not only about website design and rebranding. This is a step towards strengthening the position of the FORTISPLANT brand on the organic farming market. The website is the brand's showcase, a place where farmers will find not only information about products, but also tips and advice on ecological farming practices.

Branding and it is the brand's identity that distinguishes it and builds its recognition. Properly designed branding is the key to achieving customer trust and strengthening the bond with the brand.

Key elements of FORTISPLANT website design

When designing a website for FORTISPLANT, we focus on several key elements. First of all, we want simplicity and intuitive navigation so that farmers can quickly and easily find the information they need. In addition, we care about aesthetics to present the brand's products in an attractive way that encourages people to take a closer look at the offer.

Cooperation with the FORTISPLANT brand is not only a new task for us, but also a chance to introduce a revolution in organic farming. We are convinced that our joint work will bring spectacular results and contribute to even greater success of the FORTISPLANT brand on the organic farming market.

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