Euros Energy - work for the sake of our planet


There is no need to convince anyone about the importance and future of energy based on renewable resources (RES). For the creators of the Euros Energy brand, working on creating innovative ecological devices is a mission for which future generations will thank you.

A company with a mission

At Euros Energy, work is also a mission - to create a better world. The brand produces and implements heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. In four specialized laboratories, using twelve original patents and dedicated software, solutions are created every day, covering both smaller home installations and systemic investment services.

Ecological and modern Euros Energy solutions affect not only the amount of energy consumption costs. First of all, they affect the comfort of life and health of users. Modern heat pumps of this brand are the result of the work of talented engineers and designers. Both ergonomics of use and designer appearance are extremely important to them. Euros Energy's ergonomic devices meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

The company has been successfully using all available EU funds for years. It is thanks to them that it was possible to develop an innovative production technology. In addition, he participates in a number of programs supporting the development of innovation in Polish enterprises. What kind of employer is Euros Energy? Working in the company guarantees continuous development opportunities and participation in the implementation of really interesting and innovative projects.

Euros Energy - work focused on development

The creators of the Euros Energy brand have managed to create their own, extremely effective research and development facilities. The company cooperates with leading Polish technical universities and technological institutions. Many of the innovative solutions they offer have full patent protection. Concern for ergonomics and design in line with the latest trends are the most important goals guiding the designers of Euros Energy. Working with a clearly defined value system makes employees more satisfied with their work, solve problems more efficiently and come up with original solutions faster.

As Euros Energy specialists emphasize, working in a company offering heat pumps is not only sales of devices focused on results. It is also an impact on changing consumer habits, for the benefit of us and our entire planet. Renewable energy sources are not only ecological, but also ensure energy independence.

Freedom and security are currently the most valued values that perfectly fit into the philosophy of the Euros Energy brand. Work on changing consumer habits is based primarily on clear communication of the benefits of using modern solutions. Heat pumps are safe for the environment and contribute to the reduction of harmful emissions. In addition, they ensure independence from the ever-increasing prices of traditional heating materials. They are basically maintenance-free and trouble-free. And most importantly, they provide a quick return on investment.

Work for specialists

Euros Energy is a dynamically developing engineering company based in 100% on Polish capital, operating in the modern energy sector based on natural resources. It is created by people involved in their work, who, in addition to skills and knowledge, also put their hearts into it. Without them, even the most perfect idea would not have a chance to materialize. The success of the brand is primarily the result of combining the experience of engineers from various areas.

High efficiency and the growing dynamics of the company's development mean that work at Euros Energy is a source of undying satisfaction for employees. Professional staff is one of the pillars of the company, allowing you to create even very complex projects. It consists of experienced specialists in the ventilation, refrigeration and heating industries as well as in the field of automation and IT. The team of managers, effectively managing all technological and implementation processes, also has its undoubted share in the success of the company.

Being aware of the current needs of its customers, Euros Energy focuses on quick and efficient handling of reports regarding technical failures. It offers both direct and remote assistance in diagnosing and solving problems with the use of heat pumps. The success of the brand is building strong relationships based on a high level of communication with the client. It is people with these skills that Euros Energy recruiters are looking for in the first place. Therefore, working as a service specialist requires not only knowledge in the field of hydraulics, electricity and installation, but also appropriate communication predispositions.

Bearing in mind that the most significant brands offer their customers something more than just products, the creators of the Euros Energy brand devote a lot of time and attention to professional technical advice on the use and installation of heat pumps. Euros Energy employees are passionate people who are happy to share their knowledge about the offered devices and the role of RES in building a better world.

Euros Energy - work with a full social package

The Euros Energy company not only guarantees employment based on an employment contract in a company with an established and constantly strengthening position on the market, and all necessary work tools. It also provides its employees with attractive training at every stage of their career and private medical care. For people managing Euros Energy, work on implementing effective Employer Branding is a priority. In each of its activities, the company tries to raise the level of job satisfaction of its specialists and deepen their loyalty and attachment to the company. By offering a fair system of rewards and motivation as well as support in improving one's qualifications, it builds a strong and distinct organizational culture that one wants to be a part of.

At Euros Energy, work is also associated with building a competitive advantage. The basis of the company's functioning is a well-thought-out and flexibly modified development strategy, the key of which is the pursuit of a sustainable competitive advantage. By offering truly original and innovative solutions, which are of real value to potential customers, and by focusing its activities on promoting ecological alternatives, Euros Energy, by implementing its current business goals, is changing the world for the better.

Brand building at Euros Energy is teamwork

The strength of Euros Energy is teamwork, which contributes to obtaining much better results. Here, everyone is aware of the benefits of the conviction of "shooting at one goal". Effective teams are not a coincidence, which is why Euros Energy's HR managers select employees in such a way as to bring out their full potential. For the creators of the Euros Energy brand, teamwork is an inimitable value around which it is worth building both business credibility and image.

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