CBRTP - we are expanding cooperation with the client!


The Center for Research and Development of Technologies for Industry is a client for whom we have so far implemented activities related to the implementation of a new website and online marketing, thus building an expert brand image. Currently, the scope of our cooperation has expanded to include new services - we are responsible for designing the logo and launching the landing page for the CONROB project, implemented by the client.

For over 20 years, the Commplace Agency has been carrying out activities aimed at, among others, image building companies, as well as strengthening the position of a given brand on the market. In May this year The Center for Research and Development of Technologies for Industry joined the group of our clients. By implementing the activities planned as part of the cooperation, we have achieved the assumed goals. Today we have another task ahead of us - designing a logo and a landing page for the CONROB project.

CBRTP has introduced a system of modular and reconfigurable mechatronic platform for construction robots, based on innovative solutions, unprecedented on the market. Creating logotypes for modern companies operating in the b2b area is a huge challenge. We faced him successfully.

 -  We are glad that we can extend our cooperation to other areas. B2B marketing focuses on reaching the business customer. Designing logotypes requires creativity and a holistic approach to the issue. We had the opportunity to get to know the goals of CBRTP well. We know the client's expectations, which was necessary in creating a creative logotype for his new project. A good logo affects business development and the perception of a given solution by the business community. Actions for innovative industries are particularly important to us, because we are aware that we influence the development of businesses on a large scale. Bartosz Zielinski says PR agency Commplace.

The new solution introduced by the Center for Research and Development of Technologies for Industry will relieve employees of the hardships associated with physical work, will affect the automation of the construction environment, and will also improve the quality and repeatability of works.

Thanks to innovations, business enters a higher level. PR also plays a part in this.

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