Helinat: customer opinions are a valuable element for the company's development

Helinat reviews

Adrenaline, an unforgettable experience, a chance to see the world from a different perspective, freedom and independence - flying a helicopter has something magical about it. Something that fascinates, excites and provides amazing experiences. Helicopter flying is becoming more and more popular, as evidenced by the great interest in aviation training and sightseeing flights offered by Helinat. For Helinat, customer opinions are important - they show strengths, indicate areas that require improvement, are the best form of praise, an incentive for further development and continuous improvement of the offer. What do customers say about Helinat? What can we find in the company's offer? More on that below.

Helinat – opinions about the offer

Helinat is a company that specializes in, among others: in training future helicopter pilots. One of the proposals that can be found in their offer is a course to obtain a PPL(H) private pilot license. The PPL(H) license is the basic document authorizing you to control a helicopter - for recreational, tourist and private purposes. The training consists of two parts: theoretical and practical.

What are the reasons to take advantage of Helinat's offer? Opinions of satisfied students are the best recommendation. Obtaining a PPL(H) license opens the way to starting a career in aviation. This is a necessary condition before commencing training to become a CPL(H) professional pilot.

In Helinat, in addition to the PPL(H) license, you can also obtain a VFR-night rating, which allows you to control a helicopter at night.

ICAO English course in Helinat – opinions about language training

Knowledge of industry English is essential in the dynamic aviation environment. Precise and clear communication is of great importance for flight safety. Even the smallest errors or ambiguities can lead to potentially dangerous situations in the air.

Helinat focuses on comprehensive preparation for the pilot profession, which is why it offers professional ICAO English courses. The training is dedicated to beginners who are just starting their adventure with aviation, as well as to experienced pilots.

What is the English course like in Helinat? Customer opinions confirm the high level of training. During theoretical classes, students learn specific phraseology that enables efficient and effective communication.

Not only training - Helinat opinions about sightseeing flights

The opportunity to see the world from a completely different perspective is a great adventure that generates lots of unforgettable memories. Helinat is not only professional aviation training, but also a chance to admire vast green areas, historic architecture, the hustle and bustle of big cities, picturesque streets and busy roads from a bird's eye view.

Helinat organizes sightseeing flights over Warsaw, romantic flights for couples, and family flights in a friendly atmosphere. Another service is the rental of an air taxi, i.e. a sky taxi, thanks to which you can reach the most remote corner of Poland in less than 3 hours.

Helinat reviews

A chance to feel special - individual approach to each client

What does cooperation with Helinat look like? The opinions are clear - the company focuses on an individual approach and full flexibility, offering tailor-made flights. Each client has the opportunity to co-create the scenario of a selected helicopter flight, taking into account their preferences, goals and budget. The range of Robinson helicopters is over 500 km, so trips can be made to any corner of Poland.

Extensive experience = guarantee of the highest quality

Helinat is made up of experienced pilots united by their passion for flying - the current World Champion in precision flying, representatives of the National Helicopter Team, and pilots of the Air Rescue Service.

The extensive experience and extraordinary knowledge of the training staff combined with modern, effective educational techniques guarantee the highest quality of training at Helinat. Customer opinions confirm this - it is a training center with a high reputation, which prepares you to control a helicopter with the highest professionalism.

Safety above all

Stress before a helicopter trip is quite a common phenomenon that can affect both people who have never flown before and those who already have some experience with flights.

Fear of the unknown, fear of heights or concerns about safety are just some of the reasons that may cause stress in such situations. Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with it.

One of them is to choose a professional company offering helicopter flights. The comfort and safety of passengers is the priority of specialists from Helinat. Customer reviews clearly emphasize that flights are carried out in accordance with the highest safety standards. Helinat has reliable helicopters. Additionally, all helicopters are equipped with top-class Bose A20 headphones, which significantly improve flight comfort.

Helinat reviews

For Helinat, customer opinions are the greatest value

For Helinat, customer opinions are a valuable tool on the road to development. Each feedback carries valuable tips that allow the company to constantly raise standards and offer the highest quality. Helinat wants to spread the passion for flying, help you realize your dreams of becoming a professional pilot and provide amazing adventures high above the ground.

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