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Long-term rental services are now standard for many companies. Rarely, who owns cars, especially if they use a large fleet. In practice, you can count on much more than just vehicle financing. Increasingly, the leasing offer includes extensive packages of additional services, such as servicing, providing tools for fleet management or full insurance packages. Thanks to this, using the services of CFM companies is becoming the norm for both large and smaller entrepreneurs. The competition is fierce. So how to meet the challenges of the market? At Athlon, customer feedback and needs are a priority. Caring and meeting them pays off.

Full Service Leasing – a remedy for problems with fleet management

The current situation on the market - rising prices, low availability of cars - makes fleet management, especially in large companies, more and more difficult. Entrepreneurs are starting to look for savings. It often turns out that finding a car in a higher class and at the same time within the current budget is a challenge. In addition, they have to deal with the limited availability of new cars, and thus - approach the issue of planning the purchase and operation of the cars they already own differently.

Another challenge is environmental regulations and the related need to phase out diesel cars. Things get complicated when petrol cars are unavailable and hybrids or electric cars are too expensive. For many companies, Full Service Leasing is an ideal solution. For Athlon, the opinions of satisfied customers are the best proof of this. They appreciate the wide range of services offered, which they can adapt to their own needs.

Athlon - opinions from the market on cooperation with companies from the CFM sector

Companies have specific expectations towards partners from the CFM sector. According to the research conducted by Athlon, the opinions of satisfied customers relate in particular to several critical areas.

What they value their business partners for is e.g. high quality of service, understood mainly in the context of speed and trouble-free contacts. For them, very good communication means speed, precision, accuracy, completeness of information as well as their fast flow. What lowers the assessment of cooperation is the need to demand feedback and self-monitoring of the case.

Another valued point is to think of the client's interests as one's own. This is expressed e.g. in finding the best price offers or minimizing costs where possible. According to Athlon's experience, customer feedback is the more positive the more flexible the approach to the company and its problems. What matters most is proper customer service, quick response to customer needs and emergencies. Efficient provision of a replacement car and offering good quality vehicles are examples of such activities.

Even greater expectations are placed on the "premium" package service, which is more individual. What distinguishes it is quality of offered elements, door to door service or priority service in services. The user's comfort counts here, because in the premium class the customer should be particularly "pampered". He counts on a very quick response or repair time. He expects a person dedicated to comprehensive company service, who is always at his disposal.

Why Athlon? Customer reviews and ratings

In the case of fleets, the current standard on the market is to send inquiries to many suppliers. Problems related to the increase in prices and the availability of cars mean that companies often cannot limit themselves to one lessor. When it comes to choosing Athlon, customers' opinions usually related to the favorable financial offer and the speed of availability of cars, with a comparable range of services offered.

As the results of Athlon customer satisfaction surveys show, they are also convinced by the ratio of price to the scope and quality of the services offered. In addition, they appreciate the commitment of the company's representatives and proactive, efficient communication, as well as the flexibility of conditions and a wide selection of cars. Interestingly, as many as 28% of the respondents decided to use Athlon services because they did not find any other offers on the market that would meet their needs.

As you know, a company is made of people. How do Athlon employees fare in the eyes of customers? Among the respondents there were also those with the most recent experience in the sales process, who were asked about the assessment of Athlon sales representatives - the opinions were more than positive. The competence and knowledge of traders were rated the highest.

The next questions concerned the quality of the services offered. As many as 83% respondents identified Athlon as a company that provides high-quality services. Good communication and contact with the customer (24% respondents) as well as high quality of service (23% respondents) and - in the case of service customers - a courtesy car in the standard of the serviced car, were considered particularly important in this area by customers. When it comes to the elements that customers value the most when picking up a car, it is a fast, efficient and hassle-free service.

A modern fleet at your fingertips

The CFM market shows a dynamic development of comprehensive services for the "electrification" of the company fleet. However, the game is not just about who meets the corporate requirements faster CSR and replace internal combustion engines with electric ones. Soft skills, such as care for a good atmosphere and communication with the client, are still important. It is he who stands at the center of every successful cooperation.

Today, customers expect a flexible approach, adaptation of digital communication channels, self-service and sales in line with their needs and habits. At Athlon, customer feedback sets the direction for the brand's development. That is why she is constantly taking action - e.g. such as expanding the offer with a comprehensive service of modernization, flexibility and electrification of the fleet - which strengthen its image as a modern advisory and consulting company.

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