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The research of the Statista website showed that in 2018 as many as 1.79 billion people made purchases over the Internet in 2018, and the forecast for the coming years assumes even 20% an increase in this number. This creates an opportunity that, with the use of appropriate online sales support tools, may turn out to be a springboard for significant growth of the entire organization. The advantage of online sales support is the fact that it can be successfully used in the B2C and B2B sectors.

We will all meet online

The percentage of e-customers from Poland is growing more and more dynamically every year. In 2019, this figure hovers around the 62% and is 6 percentage points higher than in the previous year. In 2018 it was 56%, and in 2017 - 54%. It's quite a pace. Think - what will be in 2, 3, years?

Sales support means efficiency in numbers

We do not create art for art's sake. We are not afraid of numbers, reports, summaries. We like to meet. We know that our actions bring results. Direct sales, lead generation, sales department support - these are just some of the activities that we offer PR agency Commplace offers your business. We guarantee: flexible contract terms, self-financing campaigns, high work ethic, our 100% commitment and responsibility for projected results.

Sales inquiries appear every day

Skillful use of resources, assessing the scale of searches and planning online marketing activities can significantly increase your sales. That is why it is so important to use all the options that could cause the bars to go up. With Commplace, you can turn your inquiry into sale and generate real profit using online campaigns in the B2C and B2B sectors.

Of course, you can take advantage of the favorable trend and "go with the flow" without doing anything. However, it is like driving a car at 60 km / h on a highway - we are going, but we could do it faster and more efficiently. How can this be done? Use the right tools to get your Ferrari up and running.

Good content or good SEO?

During the few minutes you spend reading this text, several thousand new entries have already been created on the Internet. Several million of them are added in 24 hours. It should also be added that the average Internet user does not read, but scans the content, and only 1 in 10 recipients bother to delve into the materials.

Therefore, a lot of insignificant content is generated that does not appeal to the final recipient. This doesn't mean you have to give up content marketing. On the contrary - you have to act wisely. Thousands of companies - both small, medium and large use the Internet as a key source of customer acquisition.

Content in the new SEO

According to the Ascend2 report "Marketing Technology Trends", people responsible for marketing in companies currently consider content marketing (51%) to be the most effective technology.

Experts even hypothesize that "content is the new SEO", because by providing valuable content, we can increase brand awareness on the Internet, while obtaining a high position in search engines.

Here, however, there is also a trap waiting for us - the life cycle of information on the Internet is so short that after a few hours the message falls to the next page, being replaced with the next news. But this can also be prevented. Your company also has a chance for a rapid development thanks to the development of online sales.

Sales support - strategy and tools

Extend the life cycle of information about your offer and generate leads. Increase the conversion by up to 30%. How? Focusing on modern solutions that support sales.

Effect? Google lists valuable content in the first search results that will lead a potential customer to your business. To your product or service. And finally to the "Buy Now" button.

If you need support in quick digitization of the sales process, please visit Commplace. We are always available. Together, we will implement an effective marketing strategy leading to increased sales.

How the client works

Gemius analyzes have shown that almost 97% of Polish internet users use the Google search engine. Almost 82% of them clicks on organic search results, and only 6-18% sites collect paid traffic. Over 90% view the results on the front page. And the 63% who asks a Google search will click on the first three links. So the answer is simple - you should be at the forefront of searches.

But that's not all. Before you start creating strategies and content, we will personalize clients and look for perfect buyers. We will also conduct a sales audit - we will analyze the methods of building relationships. If necessary - we will organize workshops and sales training for employees of the sales department. The range of solutions is wide. We leave the choice to you. Without a doubt, our cooperation will change your business.

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