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Key data

Customer story

The Etisoft company has been operating on the market for over 25 years. The direction in which Etisoft is following is related both to the development that will allow to maintain the position of a modern and responsible label supplier and to technologically advanced products in the field of process automation ("From labels to Industry 4.0"). In addition, in the first quarter of 2020, the brand launched an innovation on a European scale - self-adhesive disposable masks, as well as additional Etisoft Personal Protection products - helmets for adults and helmets for children. The greatest value of Etisoft is a team of over 400 qualified employees. Etisoft employs specialists who are constantly looking for new solutions, materials and raw materials; experts in marking and automatic identification systems, software and service, and production technologists.
Currently, the Etisoft brand is a market leader in its industry. It is constantly expanding the portfolio of products and services offered, operating both in the Polish and foreign arena.

Business goals:

Planned effects of our activities:

Increase in website traffic.
Distinguishing the brand from the competition - Polish and foreign.
Increasing the value of the perceived Etisoft brand.
Reaching potential customers of the brand from the B2B sector.
Underlining the claim "Etisoft means more".



Our task was to design a website that would be consistent with the image of Etisoft - a modern company that is a pioneer in its industry.

At the same time, the project had to reflect the slogan "Etisoft means more". An important element in creating the website design and its implementation was also SEO optimization. As a result, the website will meet both the users' requirements and will also be positively assessed by Google's algorithms.

What should the new website be like?

The new Etisoft website has a significantly improved structure and navigation. As a result, the recipient can easily and intuitively search for information about products, services or the Etisoft Group itself. An important element was also the creation of an original knowledge aggregator - the ETISIDE zone, the Content hub will allow the company to strengthen the image of an expert, at the same time presenting individual professionals who work in the company.
We also used a new "engine", i.e. the most modern solutions that will positively affect the parameters such as loading speed and website availability. The layout used is consistent with the company's values, referring to new technologies, experience and professionalism. The graphic materials used attract the attention of the recipient, naturally matching the content of the website. SEO activities were also an important element when creating the website. Adequate facilities make the website friendly not only to its users, but also to search engine algorithms. As a result, it will be a strong point in the sales funnel and will support the image-building activities of the Etisoft brand.

What should you remember when creating a new website? Etisoft example

Among the tasks we have performed are:
• Verification of the content placed on the old website.
• Designing a modern website structure.
• Creation of a dedicated graphic design.
• Preparation of guidelines for new content.
• Support in creating content (SEO guidelines).
• Launch of SEO activities for the new website.
• Testing a new website.
• Implementation of a ready-made website.

Each of the individual stages of creating a new website had to follow from the previous one and be consistent with the established vision. Our specialists were also responsible for the implementation of the new website, so that the recipients would receive an attractive tool from the very beginning that would allow them to familiarize themselves with the brand's offer and contact its representatives.

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