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The Etisoft company has been operating on the market for over 25 years. The direction in which Etisoft is going is related to both development, which will allow to maintain the position of a modern and responsible supplier of labels, and technologically advanced products in the field of process automation ("From Labels to Industry 4.0"). In addition, in the first quarter of 2020, the brand launched an innovation on a European scale - self-adhesive disposable masks, as well as additional products from the Etisoft Personal Protection class - visors for adults and visors for children. The greatest value of Etisoft is a team of over 400 qualified employees. Etisoft employs specialists who are constantly looking for new solutions, materials and raw materials; experts dealing with marking and automatic identification systems, software and service as well as production technologists. Continuous company development Etisoft requires the use of appropriate communication.


“Our goal was not only to refresh the image. We are a modern company with ambitions, behind which are also experience and knowledge in the field of new technologies. We focus on the continuous development of the company, its employees and products. We regularly expand our sales markets and constitute an important voice in the industry, being a creator of changes taking place in it, not just an observer and participant. The new logo is consistent with the desired image of our company. It emphasizes our innovation and professionalism. - Tatiana Kuder, Head of the Sales Development Department at Etisoft. "

Commplace Goals and Activities

Our task was to guide the company through rebranding, which changed its image from a label supplier to an industry 4.0 company. We have developed new logo and concept brand designwhich we then transferred to templates for office and promotional materials.

An important complement to the logo is a multifaceted claim: ETISOFT it means more (ETISOFT it means more), used in marketing materials. The non-obvious play on words attracts the viewer's attention, engaging him in a search for semantic and allegorical meanings.

In the next step, we created a new website. The key stage was the UX work, as part of which a functional structure was developed that allows to present the company's offer in accordance with the needs of various types of recipients.

An important element was also the creation of an original knowledge aggregator - the ETISIDE zone, the Content hub will allow the company strengthen the image of an expert, at the same time presenting individual professionalswho work in the company.

We also used a new "engine", that is, the most modern solutions that will positively affect the type parameters loading speed, website availability. The applied layout is consistent with the company's values, referring to new technologies, experience and professionalism.

Full scope of work

Information gathering phase:

• analysis of assumptions;
• strategic meeting.

Brand foundation design phase:

• logo design;
• brand design project;
• standardization of the logo;
• brand design standardization.

Material design phase:

• office supplies;
• promotional materials;
• online materials.


• UX concept;
• graphic design;
• implementation.

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