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Key data

  • 3% only so many companies organize over 70 weddings annually. DKK ranks 5th among them
  • 5 Internet users spend minutes and longer on the Korona Karkonoszy Manor website. Competitor websites focus your attention in less than 90 seconds
  • 1.5 PLN is the cost of acquiring a lead, although in the industry it is usually PLN 11. We obtain leads 7 times cheaper than the industry
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Customer story

A wedding in the mountains - dreams come true here!

Korona Karkonoszy Manor - Place of Exceptional Moments - a beautifully situated event facility in the heart of the Karkonosze Mountains, an interesting, architecturally restored facility with a Manor Ball Room, beautiful gardens and cuisine inspired by Slow Food.

For 11 years it has been organizing stylish weddings and corporate events.

Currently, the Korona Karkonoszy Manor is one of the most important wedding receptions in Poland. As one of the first venues in the industry, he based most of his sales activities on an online marketing strategy.


Acquiring no less than 80 wedding contracts per year.

Korona Karkonoszy Manor is one of the most important wedding organizers in Poland.

Each element of the offer is to be unique. From stylish details in the rooms, through the decor of the rooms, to the types of flowers in the gardens, the offline and online customer path.

Wedding hall Lower Silesia - pretending to be a leader in the region, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy proves at every step that it deserves this name.



Broad demographic profiling. Diversification of the offer. Online and offline client tracks.

Basing the campaign on effective and measurable online marketing sales support tools. Building original marketing and sales solutions.

Marketing strategy - understand customer needs.

What is the customer's demographic profile? What does the shopping path look like? Who is the decision maker - the bride and groom, or maybe the parents who finance the wedding? Perhaps grandparents whose love of tradition requires respect and attention? Who influences the decision-making process?

What does the decision-making process look like? Where is the information sought? What are the concerns and expectations?

At the Korona Karkonoszy Manor, we know that the offer of an event facility must meet with the acceptance of various tastes, expectations and dreams. To achieve success, it was necessary to create a customer profile and disperse promotional activities on dozens of smaller campaigns dedicated to specific goals and customers. At the crucial moment, 320 various online campaigns were conducted for Dwór Korona Karkonoszy.

The Internet is extremely plastic. The lack of limitations of the virtual world allows you to create unrestricted sales creations. At the same time, the world of the web is a place of such rapid changes that it requires constant analysis and quick, almost immediate response. As a result, an effect of scale was achieved that could not be beaten by the competition. The Korona Karkonoszy Manor has become a brand and a synonym for a wedding venue.

Marketing strategy - the effects exceeded expectations

Promoting an event or hotel facility is today the basis for further promotional activities on the Internet. It is also a kind of breakwater against the actions of competition and the changing needs in the online world.

Very good results:

- 100 weddings in 2018. over 700 in the last 10 years
- every year, the Korona Karkonoszy Manor receives over 1000 inquiries regarding the organization of weddings - oversupply of inquiries, no free dates
- over 4,000 written testimonials and over 11,000 fans on Facebook
- 50% reduction in marketing costs and sales support tools in relation to the average market prices of the wedding industry

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Marketing communication channels

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