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Shopware – what is it?

What is this?


Shopware is an increasingly popular e-commerce platform that offers flexible and flexible options for operating your own online store. It is available in the Open – Source model, which means that it allows the use of source code. Shopware will work well in both B2B and B2C business models.

How does Shopware work?

Shopware is used to build and comprehensively operate an online store. The Shopware platform has many useful functions that can be freely changed and developed using available plugins. Platform management is adapted to the knowledge and skills of both less and more experienced people. The interface is equipped with tools that intuitively allow you to independently design and manage the store. You can successfully sell through several channels at the same time, with no restrictions on the number of products. The sales channels function allows each store run within one control panel to have its own currency and language.

A clear division into categories, clear product descriptions and advanced filtering are just some of the facilities available on the platform. Shopware can be freely combined with other systems and integrated with external tools that support sales and customer service, as well as enterprise resource management. The platform is also adapted to be displayed on mobile devices, which is extremely beneficial from the point of view of running a business today. 

Shopware – packages

Shopware offers users a free version that can be freely tested, but its operation requires quite specialized knowledge. Therefore, most often it will be necessary to employ an appropriate person or agency for this purpose, which will certainly increase the costs. However, more advanced packages are available for demanding customers: Rise, Evolve and Beyond. For the first of them, the fixed monthly fee is $600 per month, but the remaining ones are priced individually based on the solutions used and the guaranteed level of support. 

Shopware – payment methods

Shopware allows you to set up virtually all currently available payment methods, from traditional transfers to international payment systems. They are all completely safe.  

Shopware – shipping 

Shopware enables integration with external suppliers, so we can offer our customers all popular forms of delivery of goods, whether courier, post, personal collection or at a convenient collection point. We can adapt all shipping methods to our needs, but also to customer requirements. 

Shopware – advantages and disadvantages

Users most often point out high implementation costs and quite complicated administrative support for the store as the disadvantages of the Shopware platform.

Shopware is constantly developing, so the number of advantages is constantly increasing, but it is worth emphasizing the possibilities it offers to its users, i.e. stable technology, sales opportunities even on many channels, simple integrations, and convenient SEO optimization. 


The Shopaware platform offers very convenient solutions for business customers. What deserves special mention is the ability to share access to the account and its moderation. You can also assign a specific person to service a given customer, which makes work in large enterprises much easier.


Shopware is a constantly developing e-commerce platform, created on the basis of the latest technologies, which allows for extremely efficient implementation of any sales platform. An online store built on the Shopware platform can be integrated with external systems such as PIM, ERP, or PWA and with popular gateways. Shopware Store offers access to many extensions and plug-ins that will improve the level of sales and customer service. Shopware is a platform that adapts to businesses of varying levels, developing and improving them as needed. 

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