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UX audit – what is it, definition

What is a UX audit? How to use it to improve website results (traffic, sales)?

What is a UX audit – definition

A professional UX audit, i.e. testing the usability of a website, allows you to verify the correct operation of all its interfaces and elements that influence efficient navigation.
users after the service. On its basis, a report is created that describes the causes of errors causing, for example:

  • early leaving of the website by the Internet user
  • failure to finalize the transaction (so-called abandoned carts),
  • difficulties in registering and creating an account in the e-shop,
  • problems obtaining information about products.

By preparing a list of corrections to be implemented, the programmer can modify the website code to increase the number of conversions or improve the quality of its users' experience.

Various methodologies are used to conduct a UX audit, including:

  • checklists – they are tools in the form of checklists that determine specific parameters that a website should meet in order to be classified as user-friendly,
  • heurystyki Nielsena – to zbiór dziesięciu ściśle określonych zasad, stanowiących jednocześnie wytyczne dla projektantów (tzw. dobre praktyki). Ich wykorzystywanie sprawia, że serwisy internetowe i aplikacje są bardziej intuicyjne w obsłudze, a co za tym idzie, klienci chętniej z nich korzystają,
  • cognitive journey – involves examining various possible paths that an Internet user takes on a website.
    Performing a UX audit allows you to detect critical usability errors in the project and correct them quickly.

It may also include extensive A/B testing, which makes it possible to test different versions of specific subpages with different button arrangements or CTA content.

The effect of implementing changes may be an increase in the number of conversions and the amount of a single purchase in the online store, an increase in the involvement of blog readers or a larger number of people who declare their willingness to participate in the event.

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