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Define and manage the sales funnel

Each stage of the sales funnel has an impact on consumer behavior. You need to know them carefully. By knowing their every step, you can use the right tactics to increase the number of people moving from one step to the next. This could have an unimaginable impact on your business.

Suppose you double the number of people in 2 stages of the path. You are doubling your leads and doubling the percentage of closed customers. That gives 4 times as many new customers each month! Defining and managing a sales funnel is one of the most powerful concepts in business.

How to increase sales?

According to HBR data, companies that have a well-designed sales path that is simple from the customer's point of view, have 65 percent. a better chance of getting good-quality, lucrative jobs. Customers who care about larger orders or permanent cooperation are looking for a company they can trust. An intuitive and engaging sales funnel is one of the elements that are then taken into account, so we will look at it during the marketing audit.

How does your communication with customers look like?

Thanks to the audit, you will identify objections that may prevent your customers from buying or moving to the next stage of the sales process. During the sales funnel audit, neurolinguistic aspects and psychology are also taken into account. They also stand behind the designed reactions and behaviors of customers on the purchasing path. We check, among other things, whether your potential customer has a reason to immediately make a purchase decision (subscription to the newsletter, registration)? Or maybe he has the feeling that he can wait with the decision, so ... he doesn't buy? The sales funnel is made up of stages, each of which has numerous graphic, linguistic and other elements that need to be examined separately and in relation to each other. Thanks to this, you will better understand the nature of your communication with customers. And in the future, you can build it more consciously.

Sales funnel conversion analysis

After an effective analysis of data regarding your sales funnel, new marketing strategy it may include the modification of its individual aspects or the change of the assumptions behind it. We also analyze conversions. You may have heard that its average level is only a few percent. However, conversion at each of the subsequent stages of the customer's journey in the sales funnel affects him. At some stages, it can easily increase from a few to a dozen or more percent. We can also consider modifying the entry point to the sales funnel – perhaps customers are currently entering it through the wrong medium? Comparative analysis will allow you to implement more effective ways to enter the sales funnel, e.g. through Google Ads or Facebook advertising.

Sales funnel audit in stages

Before we present the ready audit of the sales funnel and the analysis of the nature of communication with customers, we will go through the following stages:

• identification of the sales funnel,
• identification of the customer, personas, potential customers,
• determining the type of sales funnel,
• analysis of the so-called drop-out: at which stage do customers most often give up their purchase?
• analysis of successive levels of the funnel,
• analysis of the source of leads,
• conversion analysis.

Together, we can prepare a complete analysis of all marketing activities in your company or focus on the sales funnel, or even on its specific "floor".

Order a sales funnel audit

Did you know that, according to Demandgenreport data, 95 percent. of customers choose from among many different suppliers the one who provides them with enough information at each stage? And this engaging information, leading from the first contact with the brand to the finalization of the order, is nothing more than a well-designed sales funnel. Check how many new customers you can gain thanks to it.

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