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Your client's experience counts

Acquiring a new customer is much more expensive than maintaining a relationship with an existing one, who is more likely to buy something from you. Today, on the Internet, Customer Experience, i.e. customer experiences with a brand, begins long before the final purchase decision is made. Your social media profile, website and communication strategy they give the client an idea of whether he wants to invest his time and money. Tomkin Group's research on companies with an annual turnover of over a billion dollars proves this in an interesting way. It turns out that thanks to investments in Customer Experience, they gain an average of PLN 700 million. Hole. Within 3 years.

How to optimize your customer acquisition expenses?

You can acquire new customers cheaper than before. Just check where the most of them actually come to you. Then you can invest in effective e-marketing campaigns where you expect the greatest return. Outdated or ineffective expenses communication channels you can skip.

Customer Acquisition Channels - More Is Better?

There is something different in every business. There is no point in investing in expensive virtual strategies if all your clients come on command (and vice versa). An analysis of customer acquisition channels from individual sources will allow you to focus on those that actually bring income.

How to acquire customers online?

The good news is that customer acquisition online is much cheaper than in the real world. On the web, you can spend the same money more effectively on advertising. This is why 44 percent Marketing spending is done on customer acquisition online, not in the real world.

What is customer acquisition channel analysis?

When we analyze the ways in which customer acquisition takes place, we will consider, among others:

• online click-through,
• verification of the adopted methods,
• degree of involvement,
• conversion of individual content.

By reading the marketing guides, you may find that you need more fashionable new customer acquisition strategies. The effectiveness of such activities can only be assessed over time. Instead of taking risks, it will be better to follow the rule: the greatest expenditure on channels that actually work. You can then consider other methods of acquiring customers as an addition to your basic marketing strategy.

Start acquiring customers!

The analysis of methods for acquiring customers from individual sources is necessary at every stage of business.

Are you just starting out?

Did you hit the blind spot?

Or maybe you are developing intensively and you want a good moment to last longer?

In any case, now is the time to consciously plan how you will acquire new customers!

Do you need help with your business development?

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